Picture Prompts

Picture Prompts



" Descriptive Prompts and Creativity Prompts"

Milliande Visionary Art Bus - Descriptive Writing Prompts and Art Prompts

~ Here you will find a selection of Creative Prompts in Photographs and Pictures

~ Sometimes one is stuck in a creative block and a photo prompt or creative writing prompt can bring back a source of inspiration

~ Sometimes its just fun to try something different and play with writing from a prompt or even creating a piece of artwork inspired by a picture prompt

~ i love taking random photographs and am often surprised how I am inspired by the images once I get to play with them .. they have a habit of taking me on a journey deep into the creative realm .. so you will find lots of photograph prompts here , taken from my travels around the world as well as those brilliant snapshots of everyday life around the corner from

~ Daily writing Prompts and even art prompts are a brilliant way to introduce a dose of artistic spirit into your daily life -- The Journal Jar and the Art Journal Jar are great fun for that daily dose of creativity

~ Enjoy

.... Milliande

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Photograph Promps and Picture Prompts
Creativity Prompts for Creative Writing Excercises and Artistic Inspiration


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~ Pict Prompts Windows 1

~ Photo Prompts Windows 2


~ Pict Prompts Doorways 1

~ Pict Prompts Doorways 2

~ Pict Prompts Doorways 3

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