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"Creative Videos about Positive Thinking Affirmations "

What is an Affirmation ?

~ Affirmations are positive sentences

~ affirmations descibe a desire , a situation or state of being

~ Positive affirmations when repeated lots of times impress themselves onto the unconscious mind

~ when focusing on "negative "thoughts like "well it wont work anyway" , "I cant do that , "I am not an artist" , I could not create anything worth looking at" etc you focus on that more than on the "I am an Artist" , "I can create " etc ...

~ You are what you focus on - according to the Law of Attraction

This Positive Thinking and positive affirmation video collection works on all levels of learning ... hearing, seeing and listening ...Enjoy

Powerful Affirmations

Powerful affirmations Video
featuring music by Eric Benet ( Spiritual Thang)
Positive Affirmation Video by "spiritualmind7" at youtube.com


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Positive Affirmations
How To Keep An Art Journal by Suzi Blu: Self Portrait

ahhh ...Suziblutube... Goddess of Positive Affirmations
Healing Affirmations for the Artist Soul
beautiful creative artwork and inspirational words from the heart

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Healing Affirmations

"An empowering and inspirational Affirmation movie presentation from empower.org
~ Creatively visualizing what you want, harnessing your personal power and using the law of attraction.
~ This youtube video is full of positive affirmations and inspirational quotes to motivate you to create your own reality, using the power of your mind and your intentions."


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The Secret

Positive affirmations

~I focus on all the good things in life

~ I am at peace and One with everyone

~ I am grateful to be me

voinavarell at youtube.com

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It is not Too Late
Healing Affirmations for the Artist Soul


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Milliande on Positive Affirmation Video
Every since my dad told me as a little girl ...

~ I was holding a piece of artpapaer onto the window to catch the reflection of apainting from underneath and copy some parts of it ..I proceeded to use it for my artwork and proudly showed it to my dad...and he went on to say "But thats cheating, go do real art" ....

I did not touch any art for 20 years after that... it hurt, it paralyzed me ... and he never knew just how much ...

~ Art is what you make it
~ Artists using a model copy the model
~ Artists painting a landscape copy the landscape
~ Artists add their vision to what they see or feel

Affirm for yoursele ... I create, I am an artist NO MATTER WHAT

~ I like Visual Positive Affirmation Videos as I am a visual learner, some people are auditory learners ( in which case a spoken affirmation will work) and some are better at reading positive affirmations ...

~ A Picture, a creative artwork often helps me to connect to my subconscious much easier than just a thought or a word can

~ when looking at other peoples visionary artwork combined with positive affirmation words I often find a deep longing connection that inspires me and creates a real feeling of positivity

~ I use other peoles positive affirmations as a springboard for creating my own that are relevant for me

~ I chooses to repeat positive affirmations and try staying connected to them throughout the day rather than inviting the "negative" emotions of failure into my life

~ I am an artist
~ I create beautiful paintings
~ I am therefore I create
~ I create because I am creation
~ It is my birthright to embody creativity
~ I am beautiful
~ I live joyfully
~ My heart burst with creativity
~ I share my creativity so that others may share theirs
~ I love
~ I love life
~ I love art
~ I am an artist

Milliande Visionary Arts Bus
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Positive Affirmation Video
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