Self Portrait Making Journal Pages with Milliande

Self Portrait
Making Journal Pages with Milliande


"Take a Peek at your Heart and Let it Pick up a Brush"

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~ I love keeping a journal and art journaling has given me an outlet where i can play with colour, form and texture and creatively express what I might not be able to put into just words

~ Self Portraits for me are exploration into the dual nature of Self , at times it seems that several personalities inhabit this body of mine and to limit myself to a single expression of a portrait that depicts what is seen on the outsode does not appeal to me, To creatively search for the Inner Self Portrait is an exploration that tickles my fancy ...

~ Enjoy

...Milliande :-)

Making Art Journal Pages with Milliande

~ Art is such a personal thing and inspiration can be glimpsed in a myriad of ways

~ Here I share with you my personal journey of exploring art viewed through the eye of my soul

~ It may resonate with you and inspire you to try creating art for yourself

~ It may not

~ Either way is perfectly beautiful in its own way

How to Keep an Art Journal Step by Step Art Journal keeping
and Contemplative Mixed Media Art Journaling

To look at yourself and see the creative spark and translate it into a Self Portrait Journal Page is a fun creativity exercise.

Inspired by an Art Journal Entry on Suziblutube here is my take on a Self Portrait


Self Portrait
Making Art Journal Pages
with Milliande

Art Class Materials needed :

~ an art journal or blank drawing book ( must be able to withstand some use of water )
~ watercolour crayons
~ white acrylic paint
~ watercolor pencils

Today I explore the use of mixed media collage with creative waterolor crayon backgounds
~ I also love the use of watercolor penicils over white acrylic paint - the watercolor pencils need to be fairly soft pigment for this to work

Self Portrait Making Journal Pages with Milliande
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