Transformational Mandala

Transformational Mandala


" A wheel - a circle - a mandala of life itself" "

A wheel was shown to me, wonderful to behold. Divinity . . . is like a wheel, a circle, a whole, that can neither be understood, nor divided, nor begun nor ended . . . no one has the power to divide this circle, to surpass it, or to limit it. ~ Hildegard of Bingen


What is a Mandala ?

~ The word mandala comes from a sanskrit root meaning
"enclosing the essence."

~ For me , my mandala is an expression of the center of my Self , the self that I am conscious and aware of at the time of painting or drawing the mandala.

~ Mandalas are a way for me to explore my own spirituality, the interior spaces of my self and the symbolism that is a reflection of my self and a mirror of my experiences.

~ My Mandalas contain an essence of my Self at the time of creating it , creatively expressing a certain point in my awareness that was making itself known to be seen

What is a Transformational Mandala ?

~ When I becan painting mandalas I soon realized that once the painting was done it no longer "belonged" to me, there was always a sense of completion, and I often ended a painting session with the inner words .. "It is done"

~ When I showed my mandalas to other people , the energetic vibrations that was carried within the imagery took on a whole new journey ..
~ people responded, were taken into the mandala to experience their own explorative journeys
~ the mandalas seemed to mirror back events, emotions, memories and some people felt themselves entering the first steps of a personal transformation

~ I enjoyed being able to share my art in this way ..

~ I have termed my Mandalas "Transformational Mandalas" as a way of indicating their everchanging nature, as a way of not closing them off to any particular meaning an observer might find in them a way of leaving interpretation open to people who choose to connect with them

~ For me my Transformational Mandalas have become tools for self exploration for both my me the creator of them as well as "you" the witness of them

Transformational Mandalas

You can download a High Resolution images of this mandala art if you like to meditate with it here

High Resolution Graphic Mandala Art - Complimentary Download
Transformation Mandala 3

Transformational Mandala  Mandala Art

High Resolution Graphic Mandala Art - Complimentary Download
Transformation Mandala 3 center piece

High Resolution Graphic - Mandala Art

High Resolution Graphic - Mandala Art Complimentary Download
Transformational Mandala 4


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