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VAB Creativity Club- Faces-April 2008
April 22, 2008


~ Milliande Creativity Club ~

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Hi everybody, and a special welcome to all new subscribers :-)

Lots of discussions in the Creativity Club hav centered around various fears people have when it comes to approaching art in a certain way .

Facing our Fears, Facing our Joys and Facing Ourselves is the theme of this ezine ..

There are many faces to many aspects of life , many facets awaiting our discovery at every turn ..

What does it mean to You to be You ?

Enjoy Exploring

... Milliande

Creative Prompts
Creativity Help Guides Online
~ Milliande Free Womens Ezines

Creative Journal Writing Prompts

~ write or art journal your story


The Many Faces of Art

~ Traditional "Art" Definitions ...

"1. The Human effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature

2. The conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty

3. The study of these activities."

according to the freedictionary

Art Journal Writing Prompts ..

~ you are a human making art ... what are you trying to imitate ?

~ you are creating an arrangement of patterns, colours and texture in your art journal - who set the seed that now determines what is beautiful to you ?


Creativity Poems
Creativity Help Guides Online ~ Milliande Free Womens Ezines

New Face

I have learned not to worry about love;
but to honor its coming
with all my heart.

To examine the dark mysteries
of the blood
with headless heed and swirl.

To know the rush of feelings
swift and flowing
as water.

The source appears to be
some inexhaustible spring
within our twin and triplemselves.

The new face I turn up to you
no one else on earth
has ever seen.

New Face .. Poem by Alice Walker


My Face

I sing when my heart
enters a space
too beautiful to bear

I sing a silent song
which beams its light
into the middle of nowhere

My lips dont know
the sweet movement
of this melody

My eyes surrender
to the dance
of sheer delight

my cheeks
are playfully following
the inner glow

of a woman whose face lives a story untold.

My Face .. poem by Milliande

Art Experiments ~ Art Projects
Creativity Help Guides Online ~ Milliande Free Womens Ezines

Creativity Project 1

What face are you wearing today ?

~ When you look at a mirror you are looking at your face

~ Do you see what you want to see ? Is it truly you you are looking at?

~ Getting up in the morning and responding to the challenges of the day can often feel like wearing a different set of faces for different purposes and situations

~one face for your partner, one for your powerful boss, one face for the neighbour who is irritating you ,one for your best friend who you have been longing to see ,one for your child when their chocolate covered mouth pouts up to you for a kiss, one for the shop assistant who has made an error on money charged, one face for a beggar in the street, one for your Self when you are looking for the true you

~ Based on what you want to project you wear a face.

~ Life, the whole time, moment to moment, there is a constant change in the face.

~ Observing the many faces of our collective personality is like honoring the different aspects of our selves ... all are a beautiful part of who we are, each as valued as the other

~ What face or faces have you been wearing today ?


~ Print out the template below and add it to your art journal as many times as you feel like . Collage, paint , doodle, stick , embellish, tear , draw the representations of the Faces you have been wearing today ...


view larger image here


You may post your artwork at the Milliande Creativity Club if you would like some feedback or simply wish to share with us :-)
Everyone would love to see your pages


Inspirational Quotes
for Artists and Creative Spirits


Inspirational Quotes:


The Face Is The Mirror Of The Mind,
And Eyes Without Speaking
Confess The Secrets Of The Heart.

By St. Jerome


“To a true artist only that face is beautiful which,
quite apart from its exterior,
shines with the truth within the soul”

Mahatma Gandi

“You use a glass mirror to see your face;
you use works of art to see your soul”

George Bernard Shaw


The Reflection of your Face
is as beautiful
as the Heart
it orginates from



NEW Creative Destinations at Milliande
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Collage Sheets

Printable Collage Sheets

To go with the theme of this newsletter "Faces I have created some collage sheets

Vintage dictionary Backgrounds, womens faces, Vintage Mirrors and Poetic Quotes for your art journal Pages

Art Prompt Faces
Printable Collage Sheets


Art Journal Page Art Prompt Faces

This is an Art Journal Page I made using the collage sheets above,
Enlarge Art Journal Page

it is a high resolution images so you can see all the details, but may take a little bit to load :-)

Miliande ArtPlay Videos

Creative Womens Community Art Journal Prompt

~ This is an invitation to look deep into your heart and let it guide you towards visual images that symbolize your feelings, emotions, hopes and needs of being part of a community of creative women

Creative Womens Community Art Journal Prompt

Making Artist Trading Cards (ATC) with Acrylic Gel Medium Transfers
~Step by Step Art Acrylic Gel Medium Transfer Video Tutorials for Art and Mixed Media Collage Altered Art Techniques

Acrylic Gel Medium Transfer


Pages at

How to keep an Art Journal without Fear

How to keep an Art Journal without Fear

Art Experiments ~ Art Projects
Creativity Help Guides Online ~ Milliande Free Womens Ezines


Creativity Project 2

Facing the Tribe

~ It is a warm summer afternoon and the women tribe is gathering in the big high top tent to start preparation for the evening ceremony of renewal and joyful appreciation

~ A handwoven basket containing lots of brushes and paint and thin charcoal sticks is brought into the middle of the sacred space

~ The women gather and slowly start to prepare each others faces by painting beautiful symbols and decorations to show their joy for life

~ You are part of this community of women and are sitting with eager anticipation awaiting your turn

~ Take a scan of your face or a photocopy of a photograph of your face and print it out

~ Take your time to let joy fill your heart space and express it on your printed face

~ simply doodle , paint or collage shapes and symbols that are meaningful to you and feel beautifully suited in decorating your face for the evening's women's dance around the fire of Life

I am ready to dance with you ... come and join me


see larger version here

You may post your artwork at the Milliande Creativity Club if you would like some feedback or simply wish to share with us :-)
Everyone would love to see your page!


Milliande Creativity Club

Milliande Creativity Club Yahoo Group

~ I have opened a yahoogroup space for us, so we can share and communicate our artworks and creativity exercises ..

If you like to join - you are warmly invited ..


If you know someone who might like to be inspired by this arty ezine newsletter , please feel free to forward it or direct them to the sign up page here

ENJOY .. Milliande


Have a Joy-Filled Day .... Milliande :-)


Milliande Free Womens Ezines
and VAB Creativity Club

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