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VAB Creativity Club- Circle Poem Art - February 2008
February 27, 2008
Art in a Circle

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Creative Journal Writing Prompts

~ you are invited to rest deep within the ocean

~ you can feel yourself relax amidst the gentle rocking of millions of tiny water bubbles

~ you start noticing how you feel inside this bubble...

I feel ........


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Art in a Circle

~ Confining Art into a Circle
~ Journaling within the confines of a circle lets you explore art within boundaries

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Art in a Circle

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Adult Coloring Pages

Circle Mandalas

~ coloring mandalas has long been a meditative practice

~It releases me from the need to achieve a beautiful image but instead invites me to play with colors , to enter into the lines of someone elses art outlines therefore allowing for a beautiful flow of creative energy to release itself into my other artworks ...

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Greek Muses

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Poem about Circles


Make me a space
Weave it loose and free
Weave it with desire
Invite me in

Place your heart here in my lap
Touch me with the sureness of your need
Rise up through me like sap
To every fingertip
Until your body knows mine as your own

Trap no metal circles on my hands
Just ring me as the clarion-calling bell
Your shining eyes tell all, tell all
There's no further hallmarked proof of love I need.

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Creative Writing Project - A Circle Poem

How do you write a circle poem

~ There are many different ways of playing with a circle poem

Creativity Project 1
~ A circle poem is a poem where each word triggers the next

~ write a poem where each word will trigger the choice of the next word
~ the triggers can be word associations
~ traditionally the last word of the poems leads back to the first word of the circle poem and continues on seamlessly still making sense
~ here a sample circle poem



circle poem by Milliande

Creativity Project 2

~ Write a poem in a Circle

~ take a piece of paper or your art journal and write a poem in or around or as a circle
~ Make a circle poem into art

If you like to see what I did with my circle poems, feel free to take a peek at my circle poem video

If this video does not show up in your mail provider yu can take a peek at it here

Circle Poem Video

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