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VAB Creativity Club- Mandalas-June- 2008
July 01, 2008

The Magic of MANDALAS

~ Milliande Creativity Club Womens Ezine Newsletter~

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Hi everybody, and a special welcome to all new subscribers :-)

What is a Mandala ?

~ The word mandala comes from a sanskrit root meaning
"enclosing the essence."

~ For me , my mandala is an expression of the center of my Self , the self that I am conscious and aware of at the time of painting or drawing the mandala.

~ Mandalas are a way for me to explore my own spirituality, the interior spaces of my self and the symbolism that is a reflection of my self and a mirror of my experiences.

~ My Mandalas contain an essence of my Self at the time of creating it , creatively expressing a certain point in my awareness that was making itself known to be seen

~ Drawing, Painting, Doodling or Digitizing mandalas-- it does not matter how you enter into their mystery .. but when you do and when you open your heart to enter the mandala -- it is an amazing journey

Enjoy exploring Mandala Art in this issue of our Ezine..

Please feel free to forward this issue to anyone you may think would get inspiration from it --- sharing is facilitating creative spirit everywhere

... Milliande

Creative Prompts
Creativity Help Guides Online
~ Milliande Free Womens Ezines

Creative Journal Writing Prompts

~ write or art journal your story

Imagine your body is asked to keep a circular shape for 1 hour -- what story would your feet tell to your head ?


NEW Creative Destinations at Milliande
Creativity Help Guides Online ~ Milliande Free Womens Ezines


Milliande Creativity CLub Womens Ezine Creating Moment Mandalas

Take a single moment in time .... just after you woke up , just before you retire to be, in between cooking or doing chores, after meditation or any other moment in between ... and capture it in a "Moment Mandala"

How to create a Moment Mandala

Pages at

Milliande Creativity CLub Womens Ezine Transformational Mandalas

~ What is a Transformation Mandala ?

Complimentary High Resolution Download of Mandala Art for Meditation and Inspiration

Transformational Mandalas

Transformation  Mandala

Mandala by Milliande

Milliande Creativity CLub Womens Ezine My Reading List for this Summer

Milliande Summer Reading List

Arty Destinations

Milliande Creativity CLub Womens Ezine Sacred Mandala Blog

Our own Creativity club Member Sue creates amazing digital mandalas , take a peek at her mandala art if you like ..its well worth it

Sacred Circle Mandala Art Blog

Milliande Creativity CLub Womens Ezine Magic of Type Art

for something different - Take a tour through a world of type . an amazing online tour of art created pureply with different typefaces

Veer's City of Type

Milliande Creativity CLub Womens Ezine Sand Mandalas

~ an introduction to Sand Mandala Artist Eitan Kedmy and a video about his amazing work

Sand Mandala Artist Eitan Kedmy Video



Adult Coloring Pages

Milliande Creativity CLub Womens Ezine Meditation Mandalas

3 new meditation mandalas to color
meditation mandala coloring pages

Milliande Creativity CLub Womens Ezine Free Mandala Coloring Pages

-- our main page on all mandalas to color

Main Mandala coloring pages


Creativity Poems
Creativity Help Guides Online ~ Milliande Free Womens Ezines

Make me smooth
so I can enter
into the warmth of flow

Make me smooth
so I can release
the edges of knowledge

Make me smooth
so I can feel
the circle of being

I am smooth
I can enter flow

I am smooth
I can release knowledge

I am smooth
I can feel my Being

I am the Circle of Cycles



Mandalas are magic
moments captured
mirrors of our path

Adding Colour and Form
to the awsome
Inner Dance

Never Ending
as eternity swings nearer and away
along the circles edge

Drawn in and out
moving delicately
over our souls

Asking only openness
and space
to see

The Light that Shines
The Wheel that Turnes

Maureen Ritchie

Art Experiments ~ Art Projects
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Art Journaling a Mandala


~Thirteen is associated with faithlessness, betrayal and unfortunate endings because it was the number of people seated at the Last Supper. The thirteenth fairy in the tale of Sleeping Beauty is the one who casts a spiteful curse on the young princess. A Witches Coven traditionally comprises of thirteen

~ The number thriteen may also have a positive value. In fact some suggest that its connotation as unlucky comes from the distortion of its numinous qualities. For example the powerful Olympian gods and goddesses of greek mythology number thirteen . The first group of Christians numbered thirteen - Jesus and the twelve apostels . The lives of the twelve were transformed byt Jesus - the thirteenth member of the group.

~ Thriteen can mark a new beginning as well as an ending. Since twelves connoted the completion of a cycle, thirteen , being one more than twelve , points to the beginning of another one

~ At times it is difficult to distinguish a beginning from an ending. Sometimes we expereince a beginning and an ending at the same time....

exerpt "Creating Mandalas" Susanne F.Fincher


~ Draw a largish circle into your art journal ( or use a compass or something to draw around like a small plate or a cd disk)

~ What does the number " 13" make you feel like ?
~ What symbols, emotions, memories and images come up when you connect with the number thirteen?

~ Doodle, draw, collage, paint and write inside your circle mandala your emotions , colors, numbers, words and imagery connected to the number 13.

You may post your artwork at the Milliande Creativity Club if you would like some feedback or simply wish to share with us :-)
Everyone would love to see your page!


Mandalas Are Everywhere

~ Step outside the box and create a mandala with what is to hand an 3-D objects lying around your house...

~ Take a Hula Hoop, or lay a rope in a circle

~ See how Maya and ME play with Making Mandalas

~ Enjoy the non-permanence of the design ... enjoy the process and the non attachment to the end-result

Book Recommendations
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Mandala Thoughts

"Mandala means Holy Circle in Sanskrit,
width , roundness and wholesomeness.

Everything associated with a circle, circles, the cycle of life and the cycle of the seasons

The center of the Mandala is called Bindu,
Bindu in the East means God. It is our gate to the Spiritual World.

the Fountain of Life originates from this Point"

Milliande Creativity Club Yahoo Group

~ I have opened a yahoogroup space for us, so we can share and communicate our artworks and creativity exercises ..

If you like to join - you are warmly invited ..

Milliande Introspective Art Circle Yahoo Group

~ Going Deeper into the Mysteries
~ The Art of an Intuitive
~ A Contemplative Journey through Personal Transformational Symbology
~ A Place to Explore SoulPurpose and SoulConnection through a variety of Art Mediums
~ Accessing Your Heart and Inner Eye Guidance for Giving the Invisible Form

Bright Blessings until next time ...

Have a Joy-Filled Day .... Milliande :-)


Milliande Free Womens Ezines
and VAB Creativity Club

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