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October 20, 2008

Milliande Artist Dates

~ Milliande Creativity Club Womens Ezine Newsletter~

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Hi everybody, and a special welcome to all new subscribers :-)

~ It has been an amazing Summer for me ..travelling around Italy and Frace, soaking up lots of inspiration and being surrounded by an amazing bunch of creative people .. I feel truly blessed and happy to be alive

~ As the year is starting to shed its leaves I feel a renewed sense of creativity entering my life, exiting directions are starting to take shape and many possibilites for walking a wide variety of creative pathways are presenting themselves... Are you going to walk alongside me ?

here is to a joyful Autumn / Fall Season

... Milliande .. waving Hi to all of you :-)

Creative Prompts
Creativity Help Guides Online
~ Milliande Free Womens Ezines

Milliande Artist Dates

Milliande Creativity CLub Womens EzineMilliande Artist Dates

~ introducing "Milliande Artist Dates"

~ I have been hearing a lot about people chasing their muse, feeling in a creative block , uneasy to start projects that seem out of reach and generally just looking for inspiration

~Taking the "Artist Date" idea a little further,
I would like to offer "Milliande Artist Dates "
, playtime for creative souls


learn how to participate in "Milliande Artist Dates"

November 2008 Artist Date

November 2008 Milliande Artist Date

NEW Creative Destinations at Milliande
Creativity Help Guides Online ~ Milliande Free Womens Ezines
Pages at

Milliande Creativity CLub Womens EzineMixed Media Art on Canvas

~Beginner Tips for Applying Paper Art Techniques to Canvas

Milliande Creativity CLub Womens Ezine Creativity Guide Wisdom
~Deep words have been spoken by many wise people on the subject of Creativity

For me creativity is first and foremost coupled with authenticity -- finding that spark within that is connected well and truly to my inner soul expressions

Here I would like to share words of wisdom from people that have inspired my own inquiries into the nature of my own creativity ...

Arty Destinations

Milliande Creativity CLub Womens Ezine Art Workshop Reviews

~ I often wonder what workshops are like, what the layout is, how the format of it would work for me and whether I would like the teacher

~ I have attended and taught many workshops , and do appreciate a well-run class that makes my heart sing, regardless of the subject matter

~ So here I would like to start a little series on Art Workshop reviews

First up

Michael DeMeng - Alchemical Transformation

~ "The Alchemist's Book
Rust, Reliquaries and Illuminated Manuscripts in Tuscany

Art Class Review Michael DeMeng


Milliande Guessing Games

Milliande Creativity CLub Womens Ezine Milliande Guessing Games

~ Ohh I feel like having a little playtime

~ Online Treasure Hunts and Guessing Games always add a little fun into the day ... lets see what we can play with here

~ I will come up with some little treasure hunts and guessing games that will add a little playful joy into our lives ... something giggley, something arty, something silly ...who knows ... lets see where it takes us ...

Lets Play - Milliande Guessing Games


Creativity Poems
Creativity Help Guides Online ~ Milliande Free Womens Ezines

unleashed and feeling stuck
searching for the potential
that calls itself "My Art"

running around in circles
searching for wide eyed clues
that will open doors

tiptoeing into unknown waters
searching for the answer
that lies slumbering within



Book I currently Read
Creativity Help Guides Online ~ Milliande Free Womens Ezines

Illustration Play
~Craving for the Extraordinary
~ take a peek at Illustration Play

The Painted Quilt

~ Paint and Print Techniques fof Colours on Quilts
Linda and Laura Kemshall are a mother and daughter team, and in the UK well known innovative and painterly approach to textiles . The run a wide variety of online teaching courses and this book is simply sumptous.
~ If you like working with fibre and fabric and bringing some of the mixed media art elements to your work ..this book will exite you .. featuring oil pastel washes on fibre, making fabric collages, discharging paste for bleach effects, block and mono printing techniques as well as ideas for signs and symbology in your finished designs ... I love it for its unusal mixed media inspiration
~ take a peek at the The Painted Quilt

Wide Open: Inspiration and Techniques for Art Journaling on the Edge (Book & Card Kit)

~ I am still intriqued with this card deck ... its like lots of little mini art journal pages in "Oracle Card " form ... I close my eyes and pick one art journal inspiration card for the day .. I love looking at her free flowing art work and it is a staple sitting on my desk for those little "inbetween minutes"
~ take a peek at Wide Open: Inspiration and Techniques for Art Journaling on the Edge

Creativity - Unleashing the Forces within

~ this is one of these book that contains lots of little gems on creativity, that make me think and reevaluate my own perspective time and time again, a book I like to give to people, always having a few spare copies to hand out to people who might need a little boost of inspiration
~ take a peek at Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within
Where to Connect with ME

Milliande Blog

~ Visually Witnessing - My Blog at LiveJournal
Milliande Blog

Milliande Creativity Club Yahoo Group

~ I have opened a yahoogroup space for us, so we can share and communicate our artworks and creativity exercises ..

If you like to join - you are warmly invited ..

Milliande Introspective Art Circle Yahoo Group

~ Going Deeper into the Mysteries
~ The Art of an Intuitive
~ A Contemplative Journey through Personal Transformational Symbology
~ A Place to Explore SoulPurpose and SoulConnection through a variety of Art Mediums
~ Accessing Your Heart and Inner Eye Guidance for Giving the Invisible Form

Bright Blessings until next time ...

Have a Joy-Filled Day .... Milliande :-)


Milliande Free Womens Ezines
and VAB Creativity Club

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