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Visionary Artist Statement:

Maura Holden
" In a dense phosphorescent fog I have been searching for things that can never be found: the journals of Adam and Eve; a photographic record of the cities of the interior; a map charting the soul's disasters and renewals; the keys to locked dimensions: the point at the center of everything...

My paintings are a residue of this effort, but they are only shells, fossil imprints around the things I truly meant to give existence to: those lost moments when my identity fell to the ground like a torn dress, and I moved through non-human spheres, with x-ray vision and a compound mind, seeing and being all of those impossible things." Maura Holden

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Milliande : The Art of Interpretation


Visionary Artist Maura Holden

Milliande : The Art of Interpretation

Milliande's Visionary Art Bus Did Stop here because it sparked ...
words that followed the spark are ...........

~ This Drawing really resonated with me, I admire artists who have the ability to translate the visions in their mind onto canvas

~ To me the feminine force of this drawing is powerful yet vulnerably exposed, alone yet deeply connected

~ I enjoyed the simplicity of the pencil medium used and the depth achieved which has has a sinister overtone

~ I see visions in my head by struggle to get them onto paper or canvas to look like what I see ... I feel frustrated when my vivid visions lie unattended in the depth of my brain with no way out to be visible

~I get get inspired by visionary artists who go beyond the boundary of the easily perceived and stretch my imagination to try the same


Visionary Artist Maura Holden


Milliande : The Art of Interpretation

Milliande's Visionary Art Bus Did Stop here because it sparked ...
words that followed the spark are ...........

~ This is an amazingly surreal artwork
~ To me having just worked on my website , this came across as a fertility artwork .
~ I powerfully felt the struggle of women trying to conceive, the fallopian tubes being invaded by unseen forces that lurk behind
~ To me surprise is pictured in the face of the woman staring at her own inability to conceive which seems pictured in a fertility symbol of sorts
~ the fertility symbols of a woman , wide enlarged hips and protuding breasts are often depicted in ancient fertility art works like the Venus of Willendorf

~ this surreal artwork is called
The Battle of Fallopia and is painted in egg tempera and oil on panel .

This Artwork Painting is available on
Visionary Artist Maura Holden website for sale

Visionary Artist Maura Holden Photo

Visionary Artist Maura Holden Photo

Her Fantastic, Psychedelic, Surrealistic and Visionary Art and Expressions can be found at Maura Holdens Website


Visionary Art Journal MilliandeNote in my Art Journal:

What do I take away from this Visit:

~ trying to use pencil on freezer paper
~ trying to eliminate colour and express depths with just pencil drawings
~ keep on leaping into the unseen

Thanks you to Maura Holden for sharing her Artwork with the World enabling us to stop by ....

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