What is Steampunk Genre

What is Steampunk Genre, Steam Punk Art playing Victorian Futuristic Creativity


What is Steampunk Genre
Steampunk Art - Mad Max meets Jane Austen

"creative mixed media art explorations"

  Steam Punk or Steampunk Art is a genre of artistic and aesthetic expression that takes its influence from the Victorian Inventions of the Steam powered Era , with a dash of science and good old fashioned romance added for good measure .....
Jean Campbell describes this style as Mad Max meets Jane Austen ..

For me Steampunk Art is a merging of visual images from the Victorian Era, late 19th century and and its Scientific Inventions with an approach to artistically find a Meeting Place of Romance and Science

Steampunk Fashion and indeed the steampunk genry blends creativity with invention .. searching for elements of design that blend scientific knowledge, mechanical contraptions, the romance and beauty of victorian clothing, women and artisan culture into an artistic expression of a sci-fi future that could have evolved in the victorian era

I love the idea of visibility... mechanics being seen, the workings of the mind and the body being known and artistically interpreted ..playing with time , time travel and the vast imagination that plays a game called consciousness ..


I have always loved Jane Austen movies, long floating but practical gowns with a hint of handmade lace .. the romantic costumes and laced corsets of a time gone by that inspire much of steampunk fashion today . The steampunk genre seems a perfect melting pot for a lot of the visual imagery that inspires me ...so lets play and explore What is Steampunk Genre




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What is Steampunk Genre
An Artisan Vogage into the Yet Unknown

Victorian Era Romance Meets Science

What is Steampunk Genre

The Steam Punk Genre
What is Steampunk Genre

~ A Voyage into the Yet Unimagined

~ A voyage of Creative Invention

What is Steampunk Genre ?

Steam Punk Girls at Milliande Art Community exploring Steam punk Art Play :-)

Fun with the Steampunk Genre of Art and Creative Exploration, Victorian Female Sensitivity meets Futuristic Creativity

Steampunk Time Period

~ Late 19th Century --
~ the Victorian Era
~ the Edwardian Era

Steampunk Visuals

~ a steam powered world

~ travel by car, bike, hot air balloon, submarine, steam train , space glider

~ elegant refinery

~ aesthetic design

~ a little bit of fantasy, a dash of magic. a glimpse into the future and appreciation of an inventive past

Steampunk Philosophy

~ appreciation of genuine craftsmanship and scientific discovery and invention

~ a counter to current disposable culture , instead recycling and reusing and inventive creative use of materials

~ anything is creatively possible

~ architectural aesthetic
~ industrial
~ victorian
~ jules Verne

~ Leonardo da Vinci

Steampunk Elements

~ rivets
~ gears
~ exposed pipeworks
~ exposed kinetics and mechanic workings
~ comfortably worn and aged patina
~ wood
~ brass
~ copper
~ pipes
~ valves
~ cast iron
~ cogs
~ explorer goggles
~ apothecary and chemistry lab equipment
~ victorian picnics

Steampunk Fashion

~ victorian dresses
~ edwardian hats
~ brass goggles
~ pinstripes
~ top hats
~ bloomers
~ a little lace
~ leather travel cases
~ gloves
~ corsets
~ feathers
~ hammered metal buttons
~ ornate canes
~ parasols
~ fans

Steampunk Colors

~ marvellous mahogany
~ bold burgundy
~ sentimental sepia
~ burlesque brown
~ brazen beige

Steampunk People

Steampunk girls

~ Lady Aeronauts
~ Space Pirates
~ Lady Scientists with a touch of lace
~ Women Explorers in Corsets and Bonnets

Steampunk Elements
Steampunk Fashion
What is Steampunk Genre
Victorian Clothing Design Ideas

What is Steampunk Genre

Victorian Clothing Design

steampunk art at Milliande Steampunk Fashion
Victorian Belt Buckle Designs

free collage sheets and design templates for victorian belt buckles

steampunk art at Milliande Steampunk Fashion
Victorian Dress Patterns


steampunk art at Milliande


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Steampunk Art
What is Steampunk Genre
Steampunk Art and Steampunk Fashion

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