Windows Online Art Class Art Doll Faces

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Windows Online Art Class Art Doll Faces
Milliande Progress Art Journal


" Letting My Soul Play with Colours ... "

Milliande Visionary Art Bus

~ Here I am sharing my progress on online art classes I am taking

~ It is interesting for me to observe how I progress and how I apply inspiration gained during the taking of an online art course ... I often skip and jump about being inspired to try a mulitude of different art techniques...

~ Sticking to a course is often hard for me, so by keeping an art journal about my progress I am hoping to maintain focus to complete the whole course ...

~ If you like take a peek at how I am getting on ...

.... Milliande

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Art Classes and Creative Workshops I am taking
Online Art Course " Windows Windows "

Windows by Angela Jarecki at Art Doll Street

Windows Online Art Class Art Doll Faces

~ this is an ongoing self paced online art class that can be taken at anytime
~ I purchased this class on Aug /08

Windows Online Class Art Doll Faces

~ I have signed up for an online art class with Angela Jarecki called "Windows"

~ Having played a lot with needlefelting I have come to enjoy creating female faces for my needlefelting series " Mysteries of Woman"

~ I am hoping this course will teach me how to draw a face more realistically but also how to apply techniques for drawing faces onto fibres and cloth

Exerpt from Art Class Intro

"The face is a very small part, but for many, it is the most agonized over portion of the whole doll making process.
In this class I would like to teach you how to approach drawing, or creating a face, with confidence, so that it becomes one of your favorite parts.
One reason that faces are difficult, is that somewhere along the way, you may have convinced yourself that you cant draw!
But if you can "see", you are more than halfway to drawing wonderful faces. Drawing the face is something I believe that anyone can become proficient at with a little work and desire."


My Art Progress
Windows Online Art Class Art Doll Faces
How to Draw Faces

Windows Online Class Art Doll Faces


Drawing a Face working only with Shadows

~ I am finding it interesting to concentrate only on the shadows without the line creeping in.
~ I have never really attempted drawing realistically because my linework tends to have a mind of his own :-)
~ Drawing Faces, especially female faces intriques me so I thought I give this technique workshop a go
~ So far I am enjoying the challenge
Drawing Faces Art Journal

Windows Online Class Art Doll Faces

Repeating the Same How to Draw a Face with shadows exercise with a magazine picture

~ I repeated the same exercise and jumped out of my own mold of completing a whole picture, I enjoyed the face that my pages was to small to get the whole face in and I would still be happy with the image
~Again concentrated on the shadows and am amazed at how that works well for me, considering this is only the 3rd time I ever attempted at drawing a realistic face..
~ I am please with my perserverance , have cut out a few more magazine faces of women and will practice , practice :-)


Windows Online Art Class Art Doll Faces
~ Having played with some pencil drawings of female faces i scanned one of the faces into the computer and printed it out onto plain art paper

~ I got inspired to use the pencil drawing as a gel medium transfer onto a mixed media canvas project

~ Over at the Creativity Club we had been playing with the idea of Zentangle Style Zendalas- Mandalas with a Doodle Aspect and going on a "Collaborative Pattern Hunt " in search of inspiration

~ Full of ideas I was playing with putting all the inspiration together in a canvas art project

~ Take a peek at the video if you like

Goddess Coloring Book Art
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Visionary Women inspiring the World
Windows Online Art Class Art Doll Faces -- Art Journal about Progress on How to Draw Faces, Drawing Faces for Art Dolls and Mixed Media Fibre Art

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