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How is it that you get your ink to "spread"?
When i use adirondack inks they immediately soak in to the page... any suggestions?

Mixed Media Art Questions - answered by Milliande

~ I think it depends very much on the absorbency of the art journal paper or watercolor paper I use underneath

~If the paper is very absorbent, like a cold pressed watercolor paper or a soft grade cartridge paper the ink tends to sink in a lot faster...

~ If I use a tighter packed paper, like a hot pressed watercolor paper then the ink tends to stay on top a little longer

~ To achieve the best results on any kind of paper, be it vintage altered book pages, or watercolour paper, or art journal paper or indeed recycled collage papers I would add a thin coat of gesso first ..that seals in and makes the paper much less absorbent

~ IF I dont like the white color that gesso gives.. then I can also use clear gesso which lieaves a transparent residue but no colour .. for instance when using altered book pages and I would want to have the writing still shine through

~Adirondack inks have a tendency to dry quite slowly on non absorbent surfaces.. if I have created a mixed media background using acrylic paints in my art journal .. and then add the inks on top .. they benefit from a quick shot of the heatgun to ake them dry faster ... sometimes the mixed in effect of wet adirondack inks can be quite fun though

Hope this helps
♥ milliande

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Feb 28, 2010
Adirondak reinkers
by: Heather

Hi Milliande. I have gotten my first two bottles of butterscotch and espresso adirondack reinkers after having watched nearly all of your art journaling this January and I am so loving it. I had gotten the alcohol ink first, if you remember. Then yesterday I happened to pick up a pad of Fabriano watercolor paper and like magic it worked! :o) It is so great to finally start my own pages with your techniques. They are quick and easy and fun. Like so many others have said, thank you for the time and effort you spend into sharing with others how you create. I promise to upload work as soon as I have something finished. Until then, happy days.

Jan 13, 2010
adirondack inks
by: milliande

great, I am glad it was useful

Adirondack inks are really such a versatile medium, it seems in my lates art journal januaury video serie..they turn up on amlomst every single art journaling page ... so good to add a little pigment and with their transpacrency the leave a lot of " Show Through " in collages... love them

My favourite colours come from what they call the " Earth Tone " range

♥ milliande

Jan 12, 2010
inks !!!
by: circleof13

Thank you so much for your response to my question. it helps tremendously... above and beyond and now i know even more and haev more ideas than i started with... :)

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