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~ Crystals can be found in qn amazing range of sizes, various shapes and a multitude of beautiful colors.

~ The Crystal matrixes follow the patterning of Sacred Geometry

~ Have you ever contemplated that all crystals are living organisms with a unique life energy of their own ?

~ ~ using creativity enhancing crystals and creativity charms has been an ancient practice to help increase creative ideas

~ to choose the right art crystal to enhance your personal creativity is a very personal thing.

How to Choose your Art Crystal?

~ Open your heart, center yourself and state the intention to find the perfect art crystal creativity stone that is most beneficial for you at this time

~ Then let yourself be guided to the right one, even if it seems at first that you made a wrong choice , let your instinct guide you and know that the one you are drawn to might not be the prettiest, or the one you thought would do well but the one you truly need at this moment in time ...

~ Let your eyes glide over the selection of creativity crystals and you will find one that captures your attention more than any other

~ If you have the chance to go to a chrystal store , take your time and glide your hand over the crystals on display ..clearly state your intention that you desire a crystal to increase your creativity in your art , otherwise you may pick up a sensation for another issue that is currently featuring in your life

~ you may feel a sensation in your hand when you glide over the right one, or you may just sense it, or hear a "voice" in your mind or you may just know as soon as you set eyes on the right crystal

HOP OFF Enhancing Creativity with Art Crystals at Milliandes Visionary Art Bus
~ Said to Improve Creativity, Girls Snuggle up to a Creativity Crystal and Choose a Crystal to Inspire your Creative Art Projects

Art Crystals Milliande Visionary Art Bus - Art Crystals for Enhancing Creativity

~ I love Crystals, somehow I like to be surrounded by their energy and I pick different ones , sometimes several times a day :-)

~ If you are a girl then a good way to get close to the energy of your favourite art crystal is to wear them in your Bra ... Make it your own special Art Charm

~ Choose a smooth tumblestone version of your favourite crystal to keep snug inside yoru bra and watch your inspiration creative ideas soar ...

~ I also keep a a crystal with my watercolours to bless that water and add love vibrations ( works well with a rose quartz ) :-)

  - Art Crystals for Enhancing Creativity
Amazonite - opens creativity, helps one to speak truth and communicate clearly.
Amethyst ( purple) -said to assist spiritual/psychic opening in a grounded way, improve creativity, courage, intuition, self esteem.
Aventurine ~ said to help releasing anxiety and fear, helps to maintain a positive attitude in life.
~ assists in the realization of ones potential, enhances creativity and prosperity.
Azurite - awakens third eye, develop intuitive abilities, eliminates worries, enhancing creativity.
Blue Quartz ~ Enhances creativity, calming
Botswana Agate - enhances creativity and creativity and abstract thinking, stimulates and energizes crown chakra
Carnelian -Strengthening, creativity, prosperity, lower back problems, reproductive organs, encourage opening & curiosity.
Chrysocolla - communication, female energy, improves creativity,
Kyanite - promotes clarity and understanding in dreamwork, enhances creativity
Lapis Lazuli - strengthens total awareness, enhances creativity.
Opal -enhances cosmic consciousness, intuition, harmony, emotional balance, joy, enhances creativity
Pecos Diamond - stabilizes emotions, brings joy, improving creativity and intuition.
Rose Quartz -Increases confidence, personal expression, creativity, emotional balance, self-love, opening to Universal love
Ruby ~said to assist in the attainment of goals
~ brings spiritual wisdom, stimulates courage, love, confidence,
~ Enhance creativity and opens the heart
Smokey Quartz -increases creativity, joy, balances emotional energy, grounding
Rubellite ( Pink) - increases insight, perception, improve creativity, fertility, balances passivity/aggression
Turquoise - melds energies of heaven and earth,nurturing, communication, enhance creativity
Tiger Iron - enhances creativity through meditation, good for motivation on all levels
Topaz - Assists understanding, balances, emotions, helps in letting go of the past, enhances creativity, relaxant
~ It promotes creative expression and dispenses doubt.
- Art Crystals for Enhancing Creativity

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- Art Crystals for Enhancing Creativity
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