Best choice for a new art journal

by Cindy
(Mokena, IL)

Mixed Media Art Questions

Just curious, was thinking of dedicating a little money for an honest art journal. Was wondering if you had any recommendations on what type of paper or a particular brand of journal. I see lots of writing journals, but the paper seems so thin. I'm guessing I would need something with a substantial paper thickness to hold any painting or gluing I may be doing.

Thanks for your input :)


Mixed Media Art Questions answered by Milliande

Thanks for your questions

~ Art Journals come in a variety of options really depends on what type of art supplies you are hoping to use in your art journal that determines the best paper to use

~ Lets say you want to do Pen and Ink drawings , then color them in with acrylic inks or watercolor ..then a hot pressed watercolor paper that can be light weight would be suitable ..

~ If you want an all round art journal for heavy mixed media use as well as more delicate drawings like me ... I prefer a heavyweight hot pressed fabriano watercolor paper but cannot often find that in an art journal --- these can easily be bound by hand though

~ So I compromise and go for a smooth heavy grade cartridge paper that can withstand water media ( ie will not buckle when applying water etc)

~ For a travel sketching art journal I like moleskine journals... but just for pen and ink and color pencil sketching work as the paper is too thin ... they do however also have a lush watercolor moleskine journal ... but for me the watercolor paper is a bit rough ( not hot pressed and I do a lot of pen and ink work which does not like the buckley surface )

~ I am lucky enough to live near a paper factory that makes paper art journals for the Tate Modern in London get my art journals from there... so I cannot recommend a particular brand ... if you are in the UK let me know and I pass on the details of where I get mine from

Hope this helps

Mixed Media Artist

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Jul 18, 2012
whick stores are best for finding good journals?? NEW
by: savannah

hey, i like heavy mixed media and want a steady journal that will not crumple when i paint or use water colors because i have had bad experiences in buying journals,i live in nevada, mabey you might know some good stores to buy them???

Apr 20, 2010
Art Journal
by: Anonymous

The Place I use for bying my art journals in the UK is called Seawhite... they supply the plain art journals for the tate modern in London as well as lots of educational suppliers... as of now there are some European Stockists and they offer a mailorder service ... not sure however whether at this time they shipping to the US would not be quite high considering the weight of the jounral is quite hefty ..

It would be great if you can have some shipped to your uk address

let me go find a link for the website...
here it is

hoep this helps

Apr 19, 2010
appt books as journals
by: Allison

Hello. I stopped by an office supply store today and they had "at a glance" spiral appointment books for 10 cents. Yes 10 cents and I thought why not use them for a journal. There is so much you can do with these books. I could "gesso" the pages, paint them, paper over them. I'm quite excited to create with these books. I'll take pictures as I create. Love your website. Allison

Apr 09, 2010
by: Sandy

Hi Milliande, I live in Michigan and will be travleing to (Hamilton) Scotland in August for a family wedding. Can you give me more info as to where you purchase your journals/papers?

I would much appreciate it!


Apr 04, 2010
sketchbooks on Milliande!
by: Anonymous

yes! Great idea (bigger grin!)

Apr 04, 2010
art journals
by: Milliande


we have done that before..and they dont :-) sorry ..

They have a school supplier in the USA but they don't sell to the public and don't ship to the US ..

Basically they area manufacturers for schools and educational establishments etc and major art galleries etc that want to brand their sketchbooks etc...

They have a few suppliers in Europe ... but not all carry all of their products ... but please feel free to take a look

sorry i cant be of more help..
maybe should have a range of Milliande Gallery Sketchbooks produced for bulk orders...grin

... milliande

Apr 04, 2010
buy art journal in UK
by: kari

hi Milliande,
i would like to try to contact where you buy your journals, to see whether they would send me one (to Canada) or whether they know if a shop in Canada or U.S. sells them.
So, if you could provide the name, etc of your journal, and the company / town, that would be great!
Thank you so much, Milliande!
Victoria, BC Can.

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