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Milliande's Favorite Art Supplies

Pens, Pencils & Brushes

~ Stabilo Mark it ALL Pencils

~ Watersoluble Graphite Pencil or Crayon

~ Aquash Water Brush

~ Pitt Artist Pens

~ Liquid Ink Roller Pen

~ Graphitint Pencils

~ Copic Original Markers

~ Watersoluble Graphite Crayon

~ Woody 3 in 1 Pencils

Mediums and Glues


~ White Acrylic Gesso

~ Golden Acrylic Mediums
I use Softgel and Matte Medium

Paints and Inks


Sennelier Shellac Ink
my NEW fave

~ Drawing Ink
in black diluted with water and filled into aqua brush

~ Acrylic Water-Resistant Artists Ink
White, for dipping pen

~ Watercolor Artists' Field Box

~ Golden Heavy Body Artist Acrylics

~ Golden Fluid Acrylic

~ Neocolor Artist's Watercolor Crayons

~ Conté Crayons

~ Tim Holtz Distress Ink Reinker


~ Heat Gun

~Masking Tape



~ Staz-On Ink Pad-Saddle Brown

~Speedball Speedy Carve Blocks

~ Speedball Linoleum Cutters

~ Mastercarve Artist Carving Blocks

~ Golden Linoleum

~ Gray Linoleum

~ Beginner Lino Cutter Set

~ Individual Wood Carving Tools


Support our Community

a percentage of all sales made through the links of our sponsors below directly benefits
our art community fund

Milliande Art Community for Women

".. soulful creativity as an expression of Self "


My Vision

~ For me what is sometimes missing in my life is a place to share with women, just women.

~ There is a primal inborn need in a lot of women, to connect, to nurture each other and to feel like you are able to come, sit by the fire , make art and talk about the beingness of your day.

~ If I call for that need to be met with my inner voice of longing only another feminine voice seems to be able to answer that call

~ Here I would like to provide a space for women to be women, in each others company with nothing to prove and nothing to hide .. just being made welcome to explore their individuality through creative art expressions

~ Lets sit around the fire and make art and nurture our aching souls

Before joining Milliande Art Community for Women Community at please review our guidelines ...

Milliande Art Community for Women
Community Guidelines:

What you may bring to the community

~ A willingness to explore the creative arts viewed through the eye of your soul

~ Deep respect for the beauty and individuality of each woman who chooses to
share of herself and her artwork at our community

~ A love of life itself

~ An openess to reclaim your connection with the sacred feminine

~ A knowing that to create is your first and foremost birthright and that by
trusting your intuition you will know instinctively what to create and when
you do it will be the perfect time, always ...

~ The intent to share and participate with an open heart in our circle of women ...
to offer the gift of yourself
into the pool of our community

by joining
you ..

~ agree to base your interaction in our community on


Deep Respect

~ to acknowledge another's feelings in relationship and interaction

~ to have a willingness to show consideration and appreciation

~ to offer consideration and courteous regard for the feelings of others

~ to self respect -to recognize and honor one's personal needs

~ to refrain from intruding upon or interfering with anothers' privacy

~ to treat another in the the way you would wish to be treated.


~ agree to have familiarized yourself with the general ning terms of service

Ning Terms of Service

Ning Privacy Policy

~ with particular emphasis on the following areas pertaining to our community:

Ning Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act
Ning Guidelines advise that no children under the age of 13 are allowed to join any ning networks ... we therefore welcome young ladies of 13 and over that have parental consent to access our community , however I do not guarantee or undertake any responsibility for material available on the internet .

PLEASE NOTE: anyone under the age of 18 applying will be asked to provide a parental email contact address to which a letter of approval request will be sent. Upon receiving a signed parental consent disclaimer form ..young ladies are welcome to join our circle of women.

Advice for Parents on how to monitor their childrens activities
Ning Safety Advice

~ agree to have understood the following


Freedom of Expression - Adult Content
as of August 20th 2010

~ as per ning guidelines ..we cannot accept content that contains:

• Pornography or images of sexual acts
• Nudity intended to sexually arouse the viewer
• images that contain elements of nudity that would " usually be covered by a bathing suit" , including images of of womens nude backs, nude sculptures etc
• Graphic photos or videos
• Fetishes

to that extend Milliande Art Community for Women has opened a seperate area that welcomes artwork containing elements of nudity here at


~ agree to have understood the following

Promoting / Advertising Products & Services

please refrain from

~ sending unsolicited private messages / comments to other members with regards to advertising products and services ( regardless of whether they are art related or not)

~ as an active , participating member of the community you will be permitted to advertise your artworks for sale, art related products and services on your own personal "MY PAGE" space -- and in the subgroup " Sellers Secrets" ... all ART RELATED personal advertising is encouraged in this sub group on on your "my page" only !


~ look forward to

~ sharing with kindred creative spirits
~ being welcomed in a nurturing community
~ pulling up a log to join our women's circle as we sit by the fire

You are welcome to join us here .. complimentary membership at

Looking forward to getting to know you

... milliande
host of the milliande Art Community for women community

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