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Words about Creativity Myths and Creativity Blocks

Deep words have been spoken by many wise people on the subject of Creativity

For me creativity is first and foremost coupled with authenticity -- finding that spark within that is connected well and truly to my inner soul expressions

Here I would like to share words of wisdom from people that have inspired my own inquiries into the nature of my own creativity ...

Enjoy ..


Creativity Wisdom Guide

There will be many little gems hidden underneath the surface of a lot of these wise words ... on How to Unleash to Creative Forces Within.
It is up to each individual to open themselves to the possibility of these Words of Wisdom on how to be Creative and Authentic ,and choose to look at the creativity of being true to your self ...


October 2008 - Creativity Guide Wisdom
Words of Wisdom about Creativity - Unleasing the Forces within

Be Ready to Learn
Creativity Guide Wisdom

" ..the knowledgeable person is never ready to learn , because he thinks he already knows, he is very centered in his so-called knowledge. His knowledge is nothing but nourishment for his ego. ..

.. Socrates says : " I know only one thing, that I know nothing" .. When you dont know anything of course, a great longing arises to enquire, explore , investigate. And the moment you start learning , another factor follows inevitably : whatsoever you have learned has to be dropped continuously ..otherwise it will become knowledge, and knowledge will prevent further learning.

...the Real Learner "... never accumulates, each moment he dies to whatever he has come to know and again becomes ignorant. That ignorance is luminous."

"... the state of ignorance is luminous, ... it is one of the most beautiful expereinces in existence to be in a state of luminous not knowing. When you are in a state of not knowing ... you are open, there is no barrier , you are ready to explore. "

" ... People have been telling others to discipline all their life, to do this, not to do that ... And when a man lives with thousands of shoulds and should nots ..he cannot be creative. He is a prisoner, everywhere he will come across a wall . .."

" The creative person has to disolve all shoulds and should nots, he needs freedom and space , vast space, he needs the whole sky and all the stars. Only then can his most innermost creativity start growing. ...

" Dont try to be consistent , otherwise you will be dead. Try to be alive, with all its inconsitencies, and live each moment without any reference to the future either ..and your response will be total ...and that totality has beauty ...and that totality is creativity !!

"Then whatsoever you will do , will have a beauty of its own !!!!"


Creativity Guide Wisdom
experpts from
Creativity - Unleasing the Forces within - insights for a new way of living by Osho

Creativity Guide Wisdom Creativity Unleashing the Forces within by Osho
Creativity - Unleasing the Forces Within

"Osho's words are like brush strokes of poetry. Each stroke is a beautiful expression unto itself, and the overall work is that of a master. Osho is a painter of words that touch the heart, mind and soul"
Peter Marx, Artist


Creativity Guide Wisdom

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