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Exquisite Corpse Consequences

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Exquisite Corpse consequences

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How to Play Exquisite Corpse Consequences

Here are some of our favorite Art Games for Children

~ Our Instructions for Exquisite Corpse or Consequences

One of our favorite art game to play with kids is called many names .. we call it " Consequences " and it is often known as " Exquisite corpse "

Basically we play this art game it like this

~ playable with 2 to 4 kids

~ fold a sheet of paper into 4 equal parts

~ decide on " painting a humannoid or fantasy figure or a mixture of both

~ start off by folding the paper in such a way that only the top half is visible

~ One Child starts by painting or drawing the top half with the head/heads of the figure leaving a couple of lead-in lines for the next artist

~ once finished the paper is folded over and passed along to the next kid

~ The next kid cannot see the top part ... just the lead in lines where the last kid artist left of ...and so continues from there with the upper body of the figure

~ if there is only 2 kids playing ...then the next turn after the fold over goes back to the first kid, if there are 4 players .. number 3 starts with the lower body and number 4 with the leg/legs of the figure


History of Exquisite Corpse Consequences

The History of Exquisite Corpse Consequences

according to Wikipedia

" The technique was invented by Surrealists and is similar to an old parlour game called Consequences in which players write in turn on a sheet of paper, fold it to conceal part of the writing, and then pass it to the next player for a further contribution. Surrealism principal founder André Breton reported that it started in fun, but became playful and eventually enriching. Breton said the diversion started about 1925, but Pierre Reverdy wrote that it started much earlier, at least before 1918.[1][2] In a variant now known as picture consequences, instead of sentences, portions of a person were drawn.[3] Later the game was adapted to drawing and collage, producing a result similar to children's books in which the pages were cut into thirds, the top third pages showing the head of a person or animal, the middle third the torso, and the bottom third the legs, with children having the ability to "mix and match" by turning pages. (However, the game has been played with the usual orientation of foldings and four or more people, and there have been examples with the game played with only two people and the paper being folded lengthwise and widthwise, resulting in quarters.)[4] It has also been played by mailing a drawing or collage — in progressive stages of completion — to the players, and this variation is known as "exquisite corpse by airmail", apparently regardless of whether the game travels by airmail or not.

I hope you enjoyed our art activities games exquisite corpse consequences for children and get inspired for your own art teaching ideas

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Exquisite Corpse Art Games for Kids

Have you ever played Exquisite Corpse Consequences with Kids? Share your Artworks here ...


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