Golden fluid acrylics

by Astrid
(Edinburgh UK)

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Hi Milliande,
Like you I live in Britain, Edinburgh Scotland to be precise. My question is regarding Golden paints. I am unable to get these here. None of the local art shops stock them, though they do stock the different mediums etc. and one shop stocks heavy body acrylics. Everybody in blogland always seems to use Golden fluid acrylics. My question is, do you know, are they really that much better than Windsor and Newton say, or Daler Rowney or any of the other good quality artist acrylics? Of course I could order them online, but by the time you add postage etc. the cost just goes through the roof.

I love being part of your art community and wish you and yours all the best for the holiday season!

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Hi Astrid

and thank you for your question and your greetings :-)

~ re Goldens Fluid Acrylics ...I felt much the same like you when I first heard about Fluid Acrylic paints, I thought they were expensive etc

~ but then I tried a couple of my favourite colours ...oh my is like using extra lush double cream instead of lat fat single ..grin

The fluid acrylics from Golden are really in a class of their own

~ they are really rich in pigment

~ they can be diluted and mixed without loosing any of their colour intensity

~ they can be used as colorizers

~ fluid acrylic paints lend themselves to very fine detailed work as the are literally softbodied in nature... still holding all the qualities of an acrylic paint but with a smooth application

~ the can be extended with the various golden mediums to create secondary paints texture gels, airbrush medium and glazing liquid .. where the main issue usually is loss of pigment they hold all their lunimosity well

~ the come in various colour variations -- opaque and varying levels of transparent shades which are lush for art journal layering

~ so by now you probably guess that I am just a little in love with Goldens Fluid Acrylic Paints :-))

~as to where to buy them in the UK ...I use 2 mailorder suppliers is Jackson Art, they offer a catalogue as well as online ordering, very speedy delivery and good prices

~ the other is Lawrence Art Supplies, the carry a lot of specialized printmaking equipment and the entrie Golden range, including the new Golden Open Acrylics -- which are a mix between heavybody acrylic and oilpaint , here is their link

again very speedy delivery, lots of specialized hard to find printmaking art supplies and an actual shop as well in Hove nr Brighton ..although not to convinient for edinburgh :-))

hope this helps
♥ milliande

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Dec 29, 2009
Golden Fluid Acrylics
by: Astrid

Thanks so much Milliande, very useful and you have convinced me. Thanks particularly for the links. I am off now to check them out.

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