Limited Art Supplies

by Rose Herczeg

Mixed Media Art Questions for Milliande

Hi Milliande,

I've been a fan of yours for some time now, but I have to tell you that in every video I see, there is always a myriad of new art supplies and as a mom and wife looking after the finances, there is no way I can afford even a speck of what you are sporting online. Your studio must be an actual art supply warehouse with all the things you have. I am lucky to have a set of colored pencils, some paper, and a few acrylics around. My space is limited and I find that it's very frustrating to watch one of your videos only to drool at the sight of new supplies that I will never be able to use. I don't know how you afford it.. do you have any advice and how are you able to have so much?

Not many of your watchers have a dedicated art studio or even a place in the home to spread out. You are so lucky to have that. I know that not being able to have a huge space hampers one's ability to feel free and loose. I have to worry about getting paint on the rug or disrupting the children when they sleep. I know this is not a worry of yours, nor should it be, I'm just making an observation.

I get a bit depressed when watching your videos showing all the gobs of new things you have around, much of what you are not even taking care of! I see you just slop on paint and sprays and whatever else you are using, knowing how much these things cost.. I would never treat supplies like that.. but to each his/her own. I'm not here to poke at you, just to make you realize that there are many people who would LOVE to have all that you do, and to be able to create in an unburdened way, but don't have the resources or the space.. yet their heart yearns for that freedom.

I was wondering if there is a way you could do a video explaining to others the reason why you are able to have all the treasures that you have at your disposal and maybe tape a scaled down video of how to do an art journal with limited resources. If your list of supplies each week costs more than my husband makes in a year, then obviously you are just doing justice to folks who like eye candy but will never be able to create.

I'm sorry if this sounds like sour grapes, it's not. It is more one person who lives frugally seeing another who lives lavishly and carefree but maybe not realizing that the world is made up of many people who do not have a fraction of the art supplies that you do, and that it's a dream for many to even have a complete set of anything.

I hope you have a great day and realize how much you are blessed with. I don't know much about you or your lifestyle, but God has truly given you much and I cringe sometimes at the lackadaisical ways that these treasures are used.

The best to you, Milliande..


Mixed Media Art Questions answered by Milliande

Hi Rose,

interesting observations that you put forward to me...

Let me see whether I can find a reply ..

I believe in being me .. not altering who I am to suit anyone .. I could change the way I play, I could change the way I am presenting myself in videos, I could choose to pretend to be someone I am not ..but that is not a direction I wish to explore at this time.

I grew up without any access to any art materials in a communist country , escaped when I was in my twenties and worked very hard to arrive where I am today.

I started with a couple of stamps and a heatgun demoing at craftfairs, opened and run an artstore a year later and held that for 10 years until I decided to homeschool my daughter and sold that business.

Having changed direction I retrained myself to become a webdesigner, and today I work from home designing websites , homeschooling my daughter and playing art on the side.I mainly work often 12 hours a day in winter on my business and choose to live life more out in the open in Summer...

I am fully aware and appreciative of my lifestyle and have made choices that allow me to be truly and authentically me

I share videos of my art process , I do not charge , I do not teach workshops, I simple facilitate space for women to observe what I do, to observe each other and hopefully find themselves in their art somewhere in between ..

Sharing art ... without being judged, without the need to prove themselves for their art , their style, their resources ... just simply being...creative women from the core .. some richer, some poorer, some beginning, some running ahead, some fearful, some fearless... and every nuance in between..

I have a lot of art resources because I have been playing art for nearly 20 years, owned an art store, taught workshops .. all in all that is my job

.. I am aware many people may not be in the position to play with all the art materials that I own .. many may have one or 2art supplies , many ask me to demo a particular art materials etc .. there are a myriad of reasons why I choose to use any art material at any given day in my video..

I also have a lot of recycle videos, using common household objects for printmaking, carving your own rubberstamps , use a lot of recycling in mixed media projects because sometimes I feel like it ...

I have no plan ... I have no agenda .. I simple create art the only way I know how with the resources that are at my personal disposal ..

.. I am messy, I create right in the middle of my eclectic chaos and I work best surrounded by color, texture, form, shapes .. and when I cannot find solitary time my daughter usually sits right alongside me creating too ..

I am untidy, I dont do housework, I dont worry about spills, splatters, how my house looks, etc..I make conscious choices to be in the moment

If what I do resonates with people .. they follow my process.. People can freely choose to watch my videos or move to some other artists that resonates with them ..

I hope that helps a little in understanding where I come from in my art ..

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Jan 31, 2012
Love your many art supplies! NEW
by: Martha

Hi Milliande,

I am pleased to have found you this week. i love that you are carefree in your artistic expressions and creations and thank you for your videos and your website.

I also love that you use an abundant variety of medium in your art, it inspires me to move past my current art materials and see something new that i might have not seen or experienced before.

I am also still learning to be carefree with myself and you are a great example especially in how you let things spill and don't worry about it and you use everything that may look like a mistake to create beautifully; just lovely and carefree.

Please introduce us all to new materials and different art forms. You are very inspiring.

Lots of appreciation, Martha.

Aug 13, 2010
Response to Milliande and Janeen
by: Rose Herczeg

Milliande, thank you for your reply. It does make good sense to me that you are who you are and do things the way you do without worries of what other people think. I did do some research back in your archives and saw that you once owned an art shop with a friend of yours and this helps me to understand how you have many supplies. Like I said, it was an observation at best, not complaining that I didn't have the things you do or even say I wanted them. It was an OBSERVATION and I'm sure many others have wondered how to do some of the things in your videos with limited resources.

Janeen, your comment doesn't even make sense, so I don't have much to say about it. An antique shop? The point you were making was not even relevant and in no way was I whining, I was stating what I felt may be a joint feeling among many here who do not have large sets of items to play with and especially not to waste what we have been given.

I'm sorry I brought this up. It was something that gnawed at me and I wanted to write and ask about it. I do understand more now, and I respect everyone's ability to be who they are without judgment. This is more talking out loud than being critical. And anyone that thinks otherwise is just wrong.


Aug 01, 2010
by: Janeen Duer

If I visit a new furniture shop and see amazing things out of my price range, I don't usually rant at the owner that they are being unfair to me for pricing something out of my wallet. I might do a little pout because I can't just buy everything I like and take it home--but once that is over I dive into the possibilities of what I see.

As someone who has struggled to survive on a meager teaching salary raising 3 children and a frequently ill husband, I have always been able to find a cheaper alternative to what I've liked to refill my spirit with creativity and beauty.

Art, like furnishings, can offer more more inspiration! I had 5 colors of tube watercolors and my kids long ignored watercolor set to play with. I picked up some waterpaper paper in the clearance rack, and bought a couple fine point markers. I improvised with what I did have and could get and didn't worry about what I was using, just enjoying the chance to play.

I've used Bic ballpoint pens, plain old No. 2 pencils, highlighters, kiddie markers, crayons, and recycled empty cereal boxes, branches and leaves from outside, even string and paper towels. (I even have a little box with a dead dragonfly, butterfly, and pretty June bug saved for a future project.)

I might not get to play a whole week, or even for a whole month. But when I do, I relish the chance to just be me where ever I could.

I've used an empty chair for a painting and stamping surface while sitting on the floor, worked on the couch with drawing materials, and even snuck in time at the supermarket line or the store parking lot just to sit and stitch for 20 minutes.

If you want to create, just do it. Don't let excuses or a lack of supplies hold you back. We all started there. The key is not to give up and be patient. The rest will come to you eventually once you give yourself permission to just jump in and play art for play's sake.


Jul 31, 2010
In tune with you...
by: Connie McKenney

Well said, Milliande! I feel so fortunate that I found your website. You have been such an inspiration to me. I'm finally learning to just let myself go and be free in my art expression.

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