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Polymer Clay and Clay Tools

~ I love working with clay , and especially polymer clays. The flexibility and ease of use is great, a standard domestic oven will bake and harden these clays quite esily and for minuatre art embellishments, beads, doll faces and jewellery this clay is fabulous

~ The Detail that can be achieved using face molds is exquisite, and once the initial face impressions has been made into the clay, by carefully molding with a toothpick ,or Clay Modeling Tools and squeezing and softening the edges, original face expressions can be created

~ To adhere the clay faces onto my art dolls I use a variety of glue depending on the surface I am adhering it to.However a good allround glue is always my favourite choice ..see below


Art Materials I use

Milliande Art Supplies Clay tools

Face Molds used in "Miniature Folk Art Doll "Video

~ I love using Sculpey Release Push Molds these because they are flexible allowing for easy removal of the Sculpey or Premo Clay or any other type of moldable plymer clay

~ They seem to have a special coating so you dont need to pre-oil or treat them to release the clay from the mold, much easier than traditional clay molds , especially for minature art doll faces like these

~ You can simply bend to backwards to release the clay easily, without misshaping the design of the imprint

~ With miniature faces I find it easiest to extend a piece of clay like a "handle" outside of the actual mold.
~ The second on the right face bottom row is the one I used fro my little folk art doll

~ I push the clay into the mold and form a little "pick up handle" to allow me to remove tiny clay pieces from the push mold by bending the flexible mold and pulling at my "handle" at the same time
you can take a peek at the video here
Miniature Folk Art Doll ( CLay face) video
~ To make some older clay faces I would love to use this Face Styles Push Mold . I love the fairy ears as well and hands and feet for making ephemeras for altered books are cool

~ Using different clays and trying out which one fits my purpose best is always fun . Some may be too brittle to use in miniature art doll faces or the detail might not show up as I would like it too. Premo Clay is a clay, and extremely durable when baked .This clay is great to use neat but it can also be mixed with other colors to create new ones .
~ . Beautiful used as is, they can also be mixed with other polymer clays, powders, or pigments for custom effects.

~This type of polymer clay is perfect for bead making too , and little ephemera for mixed media art projects

~ you can rubber stamp into it or add transfers to create unique little pieces of art it is quite easy to knead, like all clays it needs a little warming up by rubbing it in your hands . It is easily shaped and molded with too , allowing for quite fine details in the design

~ I love using different textures on the clay to to make imprints before forming them into a new shape. My favourite ones are the Spiral Shapes from the give such a bold details that can be used in mixed media art

~ To make it permanantly hard it will be oven baked. A normal domestic oven is suitable , instructions about temperatures etc are at the back of the polymer clay pack

~ Another clay that is used by professional artist is Kato Clay
which dollmakers are using. It is more expensive but often used for making doll faces for cloth dolls for presentation.

Milliande Art Supplies Clay Tools
GLUE for adhering Polymer Clay

~ having been introduced to can I ever go back to anything else :-)))

~ That stuff sticks anything to anything ..i tried even the toughest metals and it would still hold

~E6000 is essentially a Jewelry Adhesive that is designed to work when attaching beads and jewellery findings together, it is also useful for minutare mixed media ephemeras like watch parts, seashells, stones, metal charms etc . The manufacuterer's claim is that it's stronger than glue and adheres to virtually any surface. It forms a permanent, waterproof, washable, and clear bond. 3.7 oz (109 ml) tube. ..boy I do believe them after trying this stuff :-)

~ to adhere the clay faces onto fabric I would put a coat of either to give it a coat that prevents seeping. After leaving the gel medium seal ( any will do gloss or matt etc) you can adher the clay face with the E6000 glue

Milliande Art Supplies Clay tools

Art materials that Looking interesting

~ This one I just love the look of , so its going on my "next purchase" list
~ I love the style of the alphabet clay mold in a frame...that gives me the option of either using the clay mold as is, or using a craft knife and trimming the edges away to just use the letter ..ohhh possibilities :-)
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Milliande Art Supplies Clay Tools

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