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Milliande Creativity Club for Women
Club Chat
new features for the creativity club chatroom have been released

New Chat Features

Milliande Creativity CLub Help Files Club Chatroom


We’ve retained all the great features you have on chat today, such as private chats, and are adding the following new features in this next version:

* Chat will be persistent on every page of your social network.

~ With this new release, chat will become a bar across the bottom of every page of your social network . It will start in “bar mode” and will expand into “window mode”. It will have a simple, consistent look across the social networks. However, each chat will be unique to each social network.

* You will be able to pop chat out of your network and keep it open as its own window.

This is something many of you asked for and we’re happy to provide it in this next version.

* Sound notifications when messages are received.

Notifications start OFF by default, but can be turned on through the options menu.

* Members will appear online more accurately.

Because chat is now persistent across all pages on your social network, members will be displayed as online more accurately. However, there will still be the option for a member to make themselves invisible, if they choose.

* Reconnections will be more graceful.

When a connection to the server is lost for some reason, chat will attempt to reconnect gracefully without requiring a page refresh, and if possible without affecting the member. There will be no more need to reload the page entirely and lose all your messages.

* Chat will now load the entire scrollable list of people online.

No more clicking on ‘More’!. As a result, search will now be faster too.

* Better support for firewalls.

This new version uses only port 80, the standard HTTP port.

* There will be local message history.

Your chat client will now remember the last ten messages sent and allows to look at them by pressing Ctrl+UP and Ctrl+DOWN (arrow keys).

* Chat will now be in Flash.
This means that you need to have a minimum of Flash 9 on your computer. You likely already have Flash 9

Creativity Club for Women

Milliande Creativity CLub Help Files Club Chatroom

Club Chat room

There has been an update to our communities Chat feature

~ Chat will now be avaialable at the bottom of every page of our club

~ you can now open a new chat window that pops out ... leaving everyone to freely explore the club whilst staying in the chat room

~ There is now a sound alert button that can be enable ... if a new message is posted in chat a little sound can be ehard ..that way members can see and HEAR when someone is online and avaialble to chat

~ Private Chats between individual members can be conducted ... , simple click on the icon of a person in the main chatroom ...and a little window will pop up with an option to invite them to a private chatroom ( an extra window on your tab that only invited people can see)

~ smilies are also available - click the little smiley icon and a window will pop up where you can insert a smile into your conversation

~ I have taken a few screenshots that hopefully will explain it visually for you ... please explore the pictures below :-)



milliande creativity club help files chat room
milliande creativity club help files chat room
milliande creativity club help files chat room

Milliande Creativity CLub Help Files Club Chatroom

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