No 10 - Mixed Media Artists Wishlist by Rachel

by Rachel Thomas
(Traralgon, Vic, Australia)

Artists Gifts - A Photography Trip to Mangali

Artists Gifts - A Photography Trip to Mangali

Ohhhhhh Milliande, You make a Wonderful holiday angel!!! :O) How FunnnN!! It has been so much fun just dreaming about my arty wishes! :O)

1) I would Love PAPER!!! :O) Lots of beautiful sheets of paper, all textures and colours, and lots of nice thick paper for drawing and painting on. :O) I used to have lots of paper in a huge box lid, but my kitty cats peed on it!!! So i sadly threw it All away! :o( I've always had a serious penchant for paper. :O) Now I have a studio to store paper at, which my cats don't live in, so it would be kitty-safe! :O)

2) I would love to get into taking macro photography. So a camera which would handle a good macro lens would be SO exciting!! :O)

3) A macro lens would be awesome! I've seen this one which takes Really close photos so you can even see detail in fly's eyes and snowflakes.
I don't know much about cameras and different brands, but I would learn really fast if I had a macro lens! :O) If i got a lens, I would buy the camera. :O) Sorry, I tried to upload a photo of it here, but it didn't work. It is on Wikipedia- the Canon MP E65mm macrolens. :O) Even a different one would be excellent!!!! :O)

4) I would love a full set of Pitt pens!!! :O) I use fineliners and marker pens a Lot in my ATCs and cards and pictures, so I think Pitt pens would be an Ideal addition to my pens.

5) Copic markers would be really fun!!!! :O) The are So expensive though, so I wouldn't buy them unless I made a huge sale of art. They look so versatile and come in such gorgeous colours.

6) I'd love lots of beautiful background stamps and ink pads for them. I love mixed media, and would love to learn more about it so I can do it better. I think background stamps would be really useful for it.

7) I'd love to visit Milliande in the UK and get personal art tutoring from her for a few weeks. :O)))))) What a Dream!! I'd like to learn hands-on about things like mixed media, different kinds of paint, sculpting, printmaking!!!!, metal clay use... :O))))

8) I'd love to get a good starters kit for printmaking. I've always been interested in it, and I'd love to develop that skill of mine further. I only did it once in highschool- lino printing. Very fun!! :O)

9) I'd love some metal clay to make things to add to my lampworked jewelry and other art. :O)

10) I'd Love a bunch of borosilicate glass for lampworking and slumping glass. I started lampworking in October this year, and plan on continuing it indefinitely. Sooooo fun!! Greg has a few kilns ready to start slumping glass in to make bowls and jewelry, etc. :O) A good stock of glass would be a great start- in lots of different colours! :O)

.... My Arty Destination would be the exceptionally remote village (Mangali) I lived in a lot until I was six years old, in the Philippines. I dream of going back there and taking LOTS of photos of the people and the houses and the jungle around. I would need to fly to the Philippines on an airline, then to Bagabag center (the expat center closest to Mangali) then to Mangali, on an SIL plane. I would need to pay for accommodation in Manila and Bagabag (I'd stay at the SIL centers). Then I'd need to reverse all the travel and accommodation to come home again. Accommodation and meals would be easy in Mangali, as I was adopted into a family there, and have plenty of "homes" and relatives there. I adore the people there, and it is in a Stunning untouched place. My family were the first white people most of the Mangali people saw. I will definitely be safe there now. There is no running water in houses, or toilets (except for the one my family dug), or electricity (except the house we used to live in got solar panels added by the next expat family who went in and worked there). This is a place which was my home when I was a kid, and I couldn't believe how much at home I felt with the Mangali people I visited in one of the closest road-accessible towns in 2001 (I couldn't afford to fly into Mangali then). It would be an Incredible opportunity to see this place and the beautiful people there as an adult. I remember the pitcher plants growing along the paths, and the incredible fruits and flowers and vines and animals. I had no idea how stunning it was when Artist Gifts - a Photography Trip to Paris

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I lived there as a child, even though I loved the pitcher plants. The forest around Mangali still hasn't been cut down. It is pristine. It won't be forever. It is totally my arty destination Dream!!!

The Photo is of me standing out the front of our 20ftx20ft house in Mangali when I was little. It is a Stunning place. This photo doesn't do it justice, but it's a glimpse. My mom has more photos. :O)

PS Ironically, the word i have to type in below to let this go through to submission, is "Nelson". Nelson is my closest uncle in the village (I saw him in 2001 in nearby Tabuk), and I have named one of my cats after him. :O)


Thank you for submitting your Mixed Media Artists Wishlists .. good luck
♥ milliande

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Nov 23, 2009
I added a link on my Facebook page :O)
by: Rachel Thomas

hi Milliande, It might be too late for this, as I've already entered in this, but I thought I'd add that I've added a link to this Wishes Come True competition to my Facebook page. And I'll keep reminding my friends of it too! :O) Here's my URL:

Thank you for giving us this incredibly fun chance to dream and grin. :O) Even if we win nothing, we have so much joy already in dreaming. :O)

Love from Rachel :O)

Nov 23, 2009
Come with me, Milliande! :O)
by: Rachel Thomas

Come with me, Milliande!! :O) It won't cost any more for the flights to Bagabag and Mangali to have a couple extra people. :O) oooo

Nov 23, 2009
Mixed Media Artists Wishlist
by: ♥ Milliande

Thanks for submitting your Mixed Media Artist Wishlist ..

What an amazing place you describe for your art destination ..I can only imagine what it must be like to walk there with a camera in hand taking arty photo shoots... bliss ..

♥ milliande

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