Overcoming Creative Blocks

Overcoming Creative Blocks


"How to Approach Creativity Roadblocks at VAB"

Artist Blocks ~ Writers Blocks ~ Creative Blocks

Being creative comes easily to some people and others think they don't have a creative bone in their body

For me I have been creative all my life and when I hit a creative block it feels like part of myself has suddenly gone on holiday without telling me or leaving a contact address.

There are generally several types of common creativity blocks that appear frequently in creatively active people:

The General Creative Block
The Artist Block
The Writers Block

My Creative Blocks can occur in isolation or appear all at the same time where I am stumped to either write or create art and just turn into my shell like a hermit crab ..

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Here are some of my biggest creative blocks and how I try
and overcome them:

Overcoming Creative Blocks ~ Overcoming Creative Blocks

~~~ My Inner Artist Block

~ looking at other peoples artwork that I find inspiring follows an immediate reaction of " there is no way that I would ever be able to create something this amazing.." so I walk away and don't even try because in my mind I can only fail to achieve something equally inspiring

~~~ My Inner Artist Blockbusters:

~ this artist block is a tough one and occurs most often for me. If I look at some artwork for inspiration I am struck down by an inability to even start. So I always carry a sketchbook with me using each and every opportunity to draw my ideas as they arise during Day to Day Activities not a special time set aside to "Do Art"

~ I find that riding on a bus, queuing at the grocery store and walking around a town are situations where perfect moments of creativity sparks occur most regularly. My left brain is busily occupied with a mundane task and gives the creative right brain "permission to fly"

~ Carrying a small spiral-bound notebook with a sharpened HB pencil allows for quick sketches even in confined environments.

Overcoming Creative Blocks ~ Overcoming Creative Blocks

~~~ My Impatient ADD Creative Block

~ having a perfect idea in my mind but being unable to draw that idea at my first attempt to put it on paper

~ thinking that every brilliant artist and especially cartoonists can simply pick up a pen and convey their characters message flawlessly at first attempt

~~~ My Impatient Blockbusters:

~ So often this has been a major stumbling block. Overcoming creative blocks that require repetition of a certain task are the hardest for me.

~ A lot of creative entrepreneurs, inventors , writers and artists are blessed with ADHD or ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder) so repeating a task can become the most boring thing ever encountered

~ To overcome this creative block I need to make the task of repetitive drawing practice as interesting as I can .

~ I use as much as 5 different sketchbooks to practice in, often each with a different tactile aspect to them, a nice velvet cover, a special binding or a particular type of paper.

~ I change pens to jot down sketches , I change my chair which I am sitting on , lie on the floor on a soft cushion or switch on the TV to distract my right brain.

~ I use a lightbox projector to be able to practice a particular style I have achieved in a drawing but now need to repeat


Overcoming Creative Blocks ~ Overcoming Creative Blocks

~~~ My Procrastinator Creative Block

~ If only I had the right art supplies I would be able to perfectly translate my creative idea into a "worthy" artwork

~ so off I go researching the perfect art tool and hunting it down whilst in the process digressing from my original idea whilst being tempted with a million other avenues

~~~ My Creative Blockbuster

~ its a kind of fear of failure that stops me from creating with what I have got, thinking that if only I had xyz art tools I would be able to banish that fear of not creating what I envisage

~ to bust this creative block I deliberately limit my choice of art supplies and challenge myself to create with what I have immediately in front of me ... which might be a blue and an orange prismacolor pen, a grey felt tip pen, a watercolor brush, a feather and an ohp marker... then I set myself the task or indeed the challenge to GO CREATE. It is amazing what results can come out of self imposed simplicity, which forces me to expand my mind and crosshatch, scribble and tinker my way ointo a state of complete absorption and joyful creative expressions-- plus red cheeks of concentration. :-)

~ I also challenge myself to create with materials that are not usually my choice of art supply ... I made myself create a mandala with a hula hoop, pink socks, pebbles , abc counting cubes, feathers, apples, wooden chips, matchsticks and glass marbles ..what fun

~ The impermanence of such a selfimposed assignment (creating a freeform mandala ) frees the creative mind from its fear of clinging onto a desired outcome. In the process my fear is released to explore itself.

Overcoming the Creative Block ~Overcoming the Creative Block

~~~ My Timetable Creative Block

~ I need to have 2 hours free time to be able to create
~ I need to have undisturbed time to create
~ I need to have more time to create

spell it whihcever way you wnat, I just dont have enough time to create the way I want to create so I don't create art or write at all

~~~ My Timetable Blockbusters:

~ I believe this to be a fairly common one amongst creative blocks, the big Full Timetable issue

Overcoming the Creative Block ~Overcoming the Creative Block

~~~ My Writers Block

~ Who am I to Think i have something to say that would interest anybody?

~~~ My Writers Blockbusters:

~ years of experience teaching art have given me the insight that just because I know it does not mean somebody else does too

~ my experiences with overcoming ADD related hurdles have taught me that a lot of people forget and are only too glad to be reminded by a unique fresh voice

~ So I write myself a big note with my Creativity Quote which says
"My words are Valuable ~ My Experiences are Unique
~ When others Share I learn ~ When I share Others Learn ~ Go Create !"

~ when I have writers block I often notice that I am trying to generalize what I am about to say . Then I remember that when I read somebody's article I am most interested in personal stories, experiences that come out of peoples connections with their own heart center. Attempts to squash the uniqueness of individuals into a nice tight niche don't appeal to me.

~ So I pick up a pen and start writing with a big capital "I" , this is how it is for me, this is how I see it, this is not universal truth but my truth .. and if it resonates with my reader great ... if it does not resonate ~ also great .

The Universe is a wondrous place with so much time to rejoice in our likeness, respect our differences and celebrate the creative expressions of both.


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Overcoming the Creative Block
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