Overcoming the Creative Block

Overcoming The Creative Block


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Being creative comes easily to some people and others think they don't have a creative bone in their body

For me I have been creative all my life and when I hit a creative block it feels like part of myself has suddenly gone on holiday without telling me or leaving a contact address.

There are generally several types of common creativity blocks that appear frequently in creatively active people:

The General Creative Block
The Artist Block
The Writers Block

My Creative Blocks can occur in isolation or appear all at the same time where I am stumped to either write or create art and just turn into my shell like a hermit crab ..

Here are some of my biggest creative blocks and how I try
and overcome them:

Overcoming the Creative Block


Overcoming the Creative Block ~Overcoming the Creative Block ~Artists Blocks

~~~ My Procrastinator Creative Block

~ If only I had the right art supplies I would be able to perfectly translate my creative idea into a "worthy" artwork

~ so off I go researching the perfect art tool and hunting it down whilst in the process digressing from my original idea whilst being tempted with a million other avenues

~~~ My Creative Blockbuster

~ its a kind of fear of failure that stops me from creating with what I have got, thinking that if only I had xyz art tools I would be able to banish that fear of not creating what I envisage

~ to bust this creative block I deliberately limit my choice of art supplies and challenge myself to create with what I have immediately in front of me ... which might be a blue and an orange prismacolor pen, a grey felt tip pen, a watercolor brush, a feather and an ohp marker... then I set myself the task or indeed the challenge to GO CREATE. It is amazing what results can come out of self imposed simplicity, which forces me to expand my mind and crosshatch, scribble and tinker my way ointo a state of complete absorption and joyful creative expressions-- plus red cheeks of concentration. :-)

~ I also challenge myself to create with materials that are not usually my choice of art supply ... I made myself create a mandala with a hula hoop, pink socks, pebbles , abc counting cubes, feathers, apples, wooden chips, matchsticks and glass marbles ..what fun

~ The impermanence of such a selfimposed assignment (creating a freeform mandala ) frees the creative mind from its fear of clinging onto a desired outcome. In the process my fear is released to explore itself.

Overcoming the Creative Block ~Overcoming the Creative Block~ Artists Blocks

~~~ My Timetable Creative Block

~ I need to have 2 hours free time to be able to create
~ I need to have undisturbed time to create
~ I need to have more time to create

spell it whichever way you want, I just dont have enough time to create the way I want to create so I don't create art or write at all ...

~~~ My Timetable Blockbusters:

~ I believe this to be a fairly common one amongst creative blocks, the big Timetable issue

~ as a mother I am often confronted with not having undistrubed me time, my young daughter is with me and deserves much of my time .. so I choose to create together with her .. we set up 2 art tables, 2 sets of watercolor brushes, 2 easels, 2 canvases and she gets to mimic what I do . She does not need to ask to use materials which would disturb my flow but has her own set. We set aside a special place where " Quiet Time" is necessary for all the inspiration to flow and I light a candle to honor the special "Mummy and Me" creativity space.
I invite her into the space and soon 2 exited faces are hovering over their artwork.

~ I make sure I always carry at least a small spiral bound sketchbook and a sharpened HB pencil with me to jot down inspiring ideas as they occur. When dining in a restaurant I take my art journal with me and a selection of prismacolor pencils to draw what I see around me

~ When I ran an errand where waiting time is included I think ahead of what art idea I might want to work on and take my art journal and appropriate materials with me .. if I work on a logo I might take a couple of magazine cutouts for inspiration, if I am working on a coloring page I pick a theme and try different versions of quick sketches , If I am working on a specific character I might study the hairstyles of the people I encounter ...

~ I always carry a mini art journal with me that has a little pocket at the end for storing clippings I might find along my daily activities ( I use a Moleskin with plain paper A 6 format) . You could also glue an envelope into the back of an art journal for the same purpose

Overcoming the Creative Block ~Overcoming the Creative Block~Artists Blocks

~~~ The Impossible Creative Block

~ I have no to
space to create what I can see in my minds eye
~ There is no way I am able to create this visionary Art

~~~ My Timetable Blockbusters:

~ If I really dont have time or space to create physically or am convinced I am unable to achieve a representation of the vision I have in my head then I create in my mind

~ it is amazing what one can achieve with creative visualization techniques.

~ Close your eyes and Imagine a canvas or your chosen art surface in front of you, visualize all your desired art supplies and you creating in full swing.

~ Play with ideas , try different colours and textures, juxtaposition canvases ontop of each other make this your artistic playground that is not bound by physical restraints .

~ Invent different imaginary art techniques like painting with milk, or filling your inkwell with sunrays to create beautiful dreamscapes or diving under water to paint sea urchins.

~ This works well for me just before I fall asleep and sparks of lots of creative dreams that can be turned into artworks the next day

Overcoming the Creative Block is different for every artist, every writer and every creative spirit out there.

The Universe is a wondrous place with so much time to rejoice in our likeness, respect our differences and celebrate the creative expressions of both.


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Overcoming the Creative Block
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