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I have JUST discovered you, and am very excited. I plan to work my way through your art journaling videos.

The pan pastels look wonderful. Can you give me 5 good colors to begin with? I know it is rather subjective, but there are so many, I don't know where to begin. What might you use most?

I am an elementary art teacher (1st-6 grade). I am seriously toying with introducing my kids into art journaling. Have you done this (I am thinking with your daughter, whom I have seen in your videos)...and what you think? What approach? I love the idea, but it just an 'unknown' to me at this age level and not sure if it will fly.

Thanks for your thoughts! I will be forwarding your site to many of my art friends!

Melissa Sabin

Mixed Media Art Questions answered by Milliande

I do enjoy the Pan Pastels very much and they are sneaking their way into almost every art project I am starting at the moment :-)

5 colours of PanPastel ... that is a tough one as it depends on what kind of design and color effects you are after...

I took a look at all the color choices and was equally overwhelmed and decided to go for a starter kit instead... the panpastel kits come also with a selction of the Soffttool applicators and a sponge to get you started as they are not suitable for application with a brush

I do a lot of faces and soft natural shades I went for the
PanPastel Artists’ Pastels PORTRAIT Set
which comes in 20 colors and some tools attached to it

If I could only buy 5 colors... I would go for the primaries and a white to blend ... as well as maybe a grey ... but again it depends on personal choice ..


Art Journaling can be done with any age group , I believe that using a visual languae to express ones feelings and emotions, daily ups and downs is a way of letting that inner part come out and communicate ..

Maya has kept a visual journal daily ... she lists 4 new things that she found interesting /learned each day in a kind of grid format ... so she grids off the art journal page into 4 sections and draws a picture into each section about her daily discoveries etc ... she mainly draws and sketches as that is what she enjoys, and plays along with my mixed media art journaling techniques if she feels like it ..

I know I have received several emails from school teachers who use my videos in their class room .. and the kids follow along in their own way ...

So go for it ..and let me know how you approach it and how your kids like their art journal adventures ..

hope this helps
♥ milliande
Mixed Media Artist

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Feb 16, 2010
Kids Art Journaling
by: Jenine

Hi Milliande

After reading your comments about Maya's Art Journaling I would like to encourage my daughter who is also 9 to keep a journal. Would you be able to elaborate on Maya's Art journaling or maybe put up a picture or two of her art?

Thanks for all your help and support - your website is an incredible source of information and inspiration!!

Feb 06, 2010
Watercolour Pastels
by: milliande

Instead of the portfolio oil pastels I wold suggest
Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Artists' Crayons
... they can be used like ordinary crayons and when wetted with water turn into watercolour effect crayons...

With a brush one can also use the actual crayon like a pallette to pick up color from that then can be used as a watercolor wash ..

They can be pruchased single or in small starter sets of 8 or so ...I use them all the time and Maya loves them too

As for Kid Art Journaling Prompts... if you set them so a whole class can work on a similar theme... lets say " breakfast Favourites" , Bedtime Routine" , " Tallest Building Climbed" ,
" Last animal spotted" ... etc to get them in the mood ... and supply different materials that support your prompt ... ie collage images for your theme, shape templates, journaling line templates or pagers with lines and grids for pocket writing windows etc ...

I think the success in art journaling with kids comes from a variety of mixed media approach on the page.. so it is not just seen as drawing or sketching in a book ..but playng with composition, colour and design ...

♥ milliande

Feb 06, 2010
Pan Pastels and Art Journaling
by: Melissa S.


Thanks so much for responding to my questions! Like you, I felt overwhelmed by the color choices in the Pan Pastels line. Your answer helps me narrow down as I look at them. I am GOING to do it!

I have been preparing pages(as samples) for the kids' art journaling classes. I wasn't sure if I should be 'teaching' (some lessons on simple drawing skills, perhaps how to approach faces, indicating body movement starting with stick figures)....or just pages where I give a prompt and a technique and they do whatever they want. Maybe a mix of both? I am trying to stay with mostly dry materials, right now, because I had foot surgery, and can't run all over the room easily (which I seem to have to do if there is paint involved!) Maybe some of those barrel filled waterbrushes and Portfolio oil pastels would be easy for adding color that is watercolor-like? Anyway, I love the grid idea that your daughter uses, and can see that in a number of situations! Thanks for your help! I am going to do it!

Melissa S.

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