portrait classes ... ?

by jaci pinge-swarts
(vero beach florida)

mixed media portrait art work..

mixed media portrait art work..

Mixed Media Questions for Milliande

i know you have the online videos to watch but do you or will you have any online classes i can take .. so that i may learn the techniques .. i love your style.. the faces are so .. earthy.. and organic .. tryin to find the words to explain ..:).. i love to paint womans faces and have taken some of suzi blu classes ie piety and passion but want a more "real look" to my work.. i will look around your community more and watch more of your wonderful vids .. i have also found misty mawn who i admire .. so many wonderful women in the arts today:)... i did watch the paulette insall sp? videos you have listed but this is not the "look " i want to learn however i did watch it.. i feel everything you take in can only help.. in developing ones work..etc..i maybe not looking in the right places to find a class of this organic style.. please direct me to the correct page if in fact YOU have some classes that i may take:).. sincerely.. jaci pinge-swarts..

i have uploaded a work or 2 of mine.. not sure if it would take 2 .. but i still want to work on canvas .. just painting directly onto it and these particular photos are of works done by drawing onto sketch paper and coloring with pencil and cutting out and adding them to either wood or canvas then completing them with various techniques and final beeswax coating.. i want to expand tho.. thanks for any suggestions .. i have also read the below question / answers and will surely check out those videos as well.. thanks milliande!!!!

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I am glad you like my art process, I do not teach online classes and I do not have any plans to do so in the future, I dont think my brain could cope with the linear nature of running workshops online ..I am such an intuitive artist, it all sort of pours out of me and I dont think I could easily contain it onto some sort of teachable format .. :-)

I do enjoy Misty Mawns work too .... endless layers , over layers over layers is her secret , to me it always feels like she is " birthing" a portrait and it is never really planned,nor do I believe does she think about the outcome in advance as she constantly alters layers. I took an online workshop with her once and it was fascinating observing her process

I have not come across anyone else who's style I personally enjoy that teaches online classes, mostly Tam ( willowing) , Suzi Blu go into the cute direction I believe, Pam Garriker has some interesting faces and does teach some online classes but not as visually deep as Misty. Paulette Insall does her Classes but the faces are more stylised in a way and Wyanne does a lot of cute/fantasy faces ...

I have only been drawn to Misty's art and have personally taken a workshop with her, cant speak for the others :-)

There are lots of traditional portrait classes out there .. like pencil and graphite drawings, if you are wanting to learn representational art and personal representational portrait art .. but the intuitive portrait as I call it is difficult to teach as a method as it constantly evolves for me as I am painting

Maybe some of the other members can chip in too with their experiences ..

good luck

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Aug 01, 2010
by: Janeen Duer

This is beautiful! Your eyes are stunning, but I do love all the little details throughout, like the text across the bottom and the scroll detail on her face. Just lovely!

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