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Printmaking Exhibition London Originals
Art from British Print Makers

"Printmaking for Mixed Media Artists"



Printmaking gallery Introductions


The Contemporary Printmaking Show

Originals is the UK’s most prestigious printmaking exhibition.

Now in its sixth year, and building on its reputation as the single most important Open Print Show in the UK, it presents another sensational exhibition with an outstanding mix of famous names, up and coming artists and the best of current students.


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according to Wikipedia

"... Printmaking is the process of making artworks by printing, normally on paper.

Except in the case of monotyping, the process is capable of producing multiples of the same piece, which is called a 'print'.

Each piece produced is not a copy but considered 'an original' since it is not a reproduction of another work of art and is technically (more correctly) known as an 'impression'.

Painting or drawing, on the other hand by contrast, creates a unique original piece of artwork.

~ Prints are created from a single original surface, known technically as a matrix.

~ Common types of matrices include: plates of metal, usually copper or zinc for engraving or etching; stone, used for lithography; blocks of wood for woodcuts, linoleum for linocuts and fabric plates for screen-printing.

~ But there are many other kinds of matrix substrates and related processes discussed below.

~Works printed from a single plate create an edition, in modern times usually each signed and numbered to form a limited edition.

~ Prints may also be published in book form, as artist's books.

~ A single print could be the product of one or multiple techniques.


Printmaking Exhibition London



Etching Aquatint by Christine Eatwell Printmaking exhibition London Origianals

by printmaker

Christine Eatwell

Etching / Aquatint


art printmaking


Lithograph Thomas Martin Printmaking expo Originals

by printmaker

Thomas Martin


art print making exhibition

art print

this is Part 2 ...and you can tale a peek at Part 1 of my favourite prints from the contemporary printmaking exhibition originals in London here

Part 1 Printmaking Exhibition London Originals

prints from this exhibition and artist information can be found here

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Making Love with Your Muse

The Act of Honoring your SELF
Printmaking Materials

I continue to be surprised at the sheer range of materials suitable for printmaking

~ In essence it is making amark , wither in relief form or
intaglio techniques ...according to wiki differetn printmaking types are ...

.. * relief printing, where the ink goes on the original surface of the matrix. Relief techniques include: woodcut or woodblock as the Asian forms are usually known, wood engraving, linocut and metalcut;

* intaglio, where the ink goes beneath the original surface of the matrix. Intaglio techniques include: engraving, etching, mezzotint, aquatint, chine-collé and drypoint;

* planographic, where the matrix retains its entire surface, but some parts are treated to make the image. Planographic techniques include: lithography, monotyping, and digital techniques.

* stencil, including: screen-printing and pochoir

* Viscosity printing

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