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Seed Journal Day 6 Pomegranate Seed

Seed Journal Day 6 Pomegranate Seed,Art Journaling -a Body of Work on Seed Theme





Sowing a Seed versus Being the Seed >>>>> a curious journey begins...


Art Journal into 2012 with Milliande Video Art Journaling Peeks



You can >> Download << Day 6 Seed Journals - Pomegranate


  • Acrylic Ink ( white, sepia, indigo blue , clear Senellier Inks )
  • Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Black
  • Artist Sketching Pen
  • hb pencil
  • a brand new little square Art Journal

Seed Pomegranate

Seed Pomegrante Seed Journals Art Journaling with Milliande


Scattering Seeds
by Milliande


Be the Seed ...
Exploring a body of work .. SEED ... VESSEL ... JOURNEY ... CYCLE .... CONTINUATION

Seed Art Symbol, Symbology Milliande


What is a Symbol ?

A symbol transforms abstract concepts, ideas and beliefs into tangible things that we can touch, see, hear, taste, smell and understand
Symbolism brings power to the abstract concept and also to the object that symbolizes it.

The pomegranate

  • a juicy red fruit with many seeds
  • a symbol of fertility, out of one fruit could come many more
  • Pomegranate seeds appear in the Greek myth of the goddess Demeter, protector of grain, crops, and the earth's bounty, and her daughter Persephone. One day Persephone was picking flowers when Hades, the king of the underworld, seized her and carried her to his dark realm to be his bride. Grief-stricken, Demeter refused to let crops grow. All of humankind would have starved if Zeus had not ordered Hades to release Persephone. Hades let her go, but first he convinced her to eat some pomegranate seeds. Having once eaten the food of the underworld, Persephone could never be free of the place. She was fated to spend part of each year there. For those months, the world is plunged into barrenness, but when Persephone returns to her mother, the earth again produces flowers, fruit, and grain.
    acc to


    lush, ripe , full , potential, carrier, blood, red, fertile, knowing, seeding, reseeding, women, sister, daughter, carrier

    Pomegranate Symbolism Squidoo

    Pomegranate - Art - Woman



  • The Pomegranate and Me .. do I have a " relationship with the Pomegranate " ?
  • If yes, where does that relationship originate from ?
  • If no , What feelings ( if any) arise when thinking about the Shape, Form, Color, Imagery , Sensation of a Pomegranate ?


  • create an art journal page playing with the symbology and imagery of a Pomegrante -- playfully or deeply ---surface or inside out, you choose !

>>>> SHARE your Art Journal Page and Sketchbook <<<<
  • Upload our Page to our Seed Journal Art Gallery
  • Share a little about your inspiration and the story your Seed Journal Page
  • What do you hope is contained within this seed?
  • Let us join in with your journey

    Art Gallery for all SEED related Art Journal Pages and Raw Sketchbook Art Observations here

ou are warmly invited to add yours !

View and Submit to ART GALLERY 2 for SEED JOURNALS

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