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Seed Journal Day 7 Seed Ideas

Seed Journal Day 7 Seed Ideas, Art Journaling -a Body of Work on Seed Theme





Sowing a Seed versus Being the Seed >>>>> a curious journey begins...


Art Journal into 2012 with Milliande Video Art Journaling Peeks

DAY 7 - SEED Ideas



You can Download this Seed Journal Day 7 - Seed Ideas Video here .. 



Seed Ideas

Seed Journals Seed Idea Art Journaling with Milliande

Seed Journal Day 7 Seed Ideas, Art Journaling -a Body of Work on Seed Theme, Exploring Ideas, Beginnings, Fractions of a Concept , Lack of or Abundance of Ideas ,Original Ideas and Life Altering Ideas

Seed Journals Seed Idea Art Journaling with Milliande

Seed Journals Seed Idea Art Journaling with Milliande

Seed Ideas
by Milliande


Be the Seed ...
Exploring a body of work .. SEED ... VESSEL ... JOURNEY ... CYCLE .... CONTINUATION

Seed Art Symbol, Symbology Milliande


The Idea -- a Seed for something NEW

A symbol transforms abstract concepts, ideas and beliefs into tangible things that we can touch, see, hear, taste, smell and understand
Symbolism brings power to the abstract concept and also to the object that symbolizes it.

What is an IDEA ?

" ... In the most narrow sense, an idea is just whatever is before the mind when one thinks. Very often, ideas are construed as representational images; i.e. images of some object. In other contexts, ideas are taken to be concepts, although abstract concepts do not necessarily appear as images.[1] Many philosophers consider ideas to be a fundamental ontological category of being ..."
acc to wikipedia

" The capacity to create and understand the meaning of ideas is considered to be an essential and defining feature of human beings."


a clue, conception, design, an essence, impression, inkling, intention, notion, perception, suspicion ,


  • Have you ever had AND honored a life changing idea ?
  • Do you have lots of ideas and feel like not enough time to follow them into fruition?
  • Do you struggle to find an original idea?


  • create an art journal page playing with the Idea of an IDEA :-)

>>>> SHARE your Art Journal Page and Sketchbook <<<<
  • Upload our Page to our Seed Journal Art Gallery
  • Share a little about your inspiration and the story your Seed Journal Page
  • What do you hope is contained within this seed?
  • Let us join in with your journey

    Art Gallery for all SEED related Art Journal Pages and Raw Sketchbook Art Observations here

ou are warmly invited to add yours !

View and Submit to ART GALLERY ***3 ***for SEED JOURNALS

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