What to do about Nevrdull's powdery residue...?

by Susi Richardson
(Concord, NH)

Mixed Media Art Questions


Hello Milliande!

In the days before Christmas I stumbled onto your delightful You Tube videos via a Misty Mawn search. You are such an energetic, free-spirited inspiration! One video in particular captured my attention, about the use of "Nevrdull": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnLtfbaLKi0&feature=related

My family thought I was nuts, but I knew why I was bouncing and shouting for joy on Christmas Eve when I unwrapped my very own tin of "Nevrdull." Before the clock struck midnight, I had begun to play -- what a fantastic new art "toy"! When my 17-year-old son watched my demonstration, he said, "Wow! No wonder you were so excited. That's so cool!!"

One question for you: the "Nevrdull" leaves a powdery residue on the magazine pages after they dry...this makes me wonder if before using the pages in collage or journals you apply some sort of spray fixative to them? It seems that a liquid coating (like matte medium) would simply smear the remaining ink around...

Maybe you addressed this in an additional video (I only watched Nevrdull I & II, did not find a third). If not, any guidance you might provide would be very welcome.

Incidentally, I am also excited by your online women's mixed media community and look forward to a free morning soon when I can explore more fully.

Peace to you,



Milliande Answers Mixed Media Art Questions :

Hi Susie ..

~ Neverdull reacts quite differently depending on what the collage paper is made off

~ I have found that glossy , high end quality magazines leave the most of a chalky residue ..but also give the nicest effects ..as opposed to cheaper leaflets and mags .. where the colour black seems to turn everything into a muddly coloured mess

~ The chalky residue can sometimes be wiped off after the collage paper has dried ..with a dry cloth ... and your idea of spray fixative ..such as used for pastel art work drawings, would work best if you find that the residue interfers with the rest of your artwork

~ After a quick fixative then matte gelmedium can be used to adhere the collage paper

~ but I find with neverdull in mixed media artworks ..there is no hard and fast rule... each paper reacts differently and it is really playtime and trial and error ..

~ Hope this helps
♥ milliande

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