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Why Would an Artist Want to Have an Art Style ?
CAPI with Milliande - Create Art Portfolio Ideas for Art Students and Art School applicants

Why would an Artist want to have an Art Style, CAPI Artists are discussing Art Style and reasons for Creatives to have a recognisable Art Style

Create Art Portfolio Ideas - designed to explore one's unique art style, find the little art style elements that make our artwork uniquely personal. What is an artist's unique signature ? How do we find ourselves drawn to particular artists sometimes without even knowing quite why ? Lets take a look at the methods behind our artful madness , decipher the patterns that govern our subconsious and find new ways to let our art supplies be at ease with the muse's demands for originality.

Why Would an Artist Want to Have an Art Style ?
CAPI with Milliande - Create Art Portfolio Ideas for Art Students and Art School applicants

Some Thoughts ... 

Potential Reasons PRO's

  • To have a trusted artistic voice
  • To seperate my individuality from the crowd
  • To be visually authentic 
  • To be recognised
  • To be predictable
  • To be employable
  • To be commercially viable
  • To like my art 
  • To show confidence
  • To be collectable
  • To be admired /liked
  • To preach
  • To communicate a message
  • To be easily identifiable
  • To represent my soul
  • To see me
  • To represent my personal evolution
  • To be defined by it
  • To be valued by it
  • To be unique
  • To show commitment
  • To gift a part of me
  • To present focus
  • To be genuine
  • To share my narrative
  • To be viewed as accomplished
  • To view myself as accomplished
  • To show progression
  • To present a clear view
  • To be original
  • To make a statement
  • To attract a following
  • To not be a copycat
  • To create series of artworks
  • To be taken seriously
  • To ..... ( fill in the Blank) 

Potential Con's

  • Stagnation
  • False Security
  • Boredom
  • Predictabily
  • Lazyness
  • Egocentricity
Why Would an Artist want to have an Art Style at www.milliande.com/why-would-an-artist-want-to-have-an-art-style.html , Why would an Artist want to have an Art Style, CAPI Artists discussing Art Style

Art Style -- a Sampling of CAPI Artists Opinion on the desire for an art style . What is an Art Style? How can artistic style be defined or broken down into different art elements .. that is the topic of another discussion here What is Art Style .. for now lets investigate the opinions of a variety of different multimedia artists from our community 


  • Study all the different answers from our CAPI Artists and Art Students
  • Compare to your own responses from your "CAPI PONDERING JOURNAL"
  • Reduce your answers to 5 Words/Truth that sum up the essence of YOUR Art Style Reasons


The Subject of Art Style Explored ...
Why would an Artist want to have an Art Style, CAPI Artists are discussing Art Style and reasons for Creatives to have a recognisable Art Style

"Why would I want to....? I just have, we all have our own "streg" (DK) mark, our own way of holding that pen or brush, so that the style just comes out, it is there. But I must admit, when painting, I do like to see the similarity, I do actually like that I can see it is my mark, my own style. And very flattering when others can too, Its like your signature" Trine

I want my pieces to speak to the viewers.  I want people to recognize MY work. I have worked hard over the years trying to find MY voice, my style, my way of communicating what I am feeling.  I think I have finally arrived at a style that speaks back to me and fills my heart with joy.  I hope that others feel that same way when they view my work. Barbara

"I would like my style to adapt and change as I do. I can adjust my media just like my thoughts, growing while learning new things along the way. If I kept with my "style" I would still be drawing stick people with spiked hair, not that there is anything wrong with stick people with spiked hair, lol! "Chick

"Having your own style is what makes your work unique and stand out . It is injected with YOU. It's like having two different people narrate the same story and both will probably be told differently with maybe one telling the story more enticingly than the other." Palma

"I want my style to define me. I want it be unlike others, yet appeal to the soul of the viewer-to offer a message that immediately reaches the heart. I have discovered that I love whimsy and lots of color that shimmers like the Silks from Luminarte. I love fanciful lettering and doodling. My style is not yet defined and I very much look forward to discovering what it is!" Sandy

"I would like to have pieces that speak not only to me but others who see them and so they say "oh that is so Eleanor" but I still need to get over the afraid to show others syndome; I still feel hesitant about sharing except with the gals in my local art group; but I am working on this" Eleanor

"I don't know if I can help having an artistic style. I make what I make in the way that appeals to me, and having my own style is what makes it mine." Diana

"I read somewhere that before Georgia O'Keeffe showed any of her work she would line them up and go from one piece to the next evaluating it on whether she accomplished what she set out to do with each painting.  Then, if it came up lacking, she pulled it and that piece was not included in the show.  If it passed, then she knew that no comment from viewers, whether negative OR positive, would influence how she felt about the piece.  She felt she remained true to her goals, her art, her creative ideas, rather than being influenced by critics, whether professional or friends.

I have always loved that philosophy.  It makes one consider just what one's goal was in making the piece and if it was successful or not.  Then it gives one the confidence to show others because it is a success to the artist.  " Barbara

"Because each of us is unique on this earth and the earth and humanity (& each of us) deserves to be exposed to what unicity I have to offer." Lucie

"Having an Artistic Style can easily identify the artist. And although, this is a positive thing and it would be wonderful when the viewers recognize your work, It would even be nicer if they can identify your work when working in different medias and the changes in your art. Like Chick , my mind is always working and at times it got to a point when I couldn't stop it and worse yet, have lost a few things that I should have put unto paper and painfully regretting not doing so. It's like I heard one say once, the mind works faster then the hand. By the way this even goes for writing in my case.  I lost many poems. "Eva

" I get inspired by all kinds of artists and make my own version, but I'm still looking for something that represents completely myself. I am very curious what this will bring me. " Petra

" I don't think this is a want or don't want kind of issue. People HAVE their own style. It's nearly impossible to identically recreate someone else's style. Even if you make things similar to someone else's, your OWN self is always going to show through UNLESS you're being directly instructed by someone. I just want to make art that I like and if other people like it, too, that's just a bonus. " goog

 "I would like my style to adapt and change as I do. I can adjust my media just like my thoughts, growing while learning new things along the way. If I kept with my "style" I would still be drawing stick people with spiked hair, not that there is anything wrong with stick people with spiked hair, lol! " Vicki

" I think that's so true about having a style almost inherently. I guess we can refine it though by getting to know it and exaggerating aspects of what we do by nature. The self will always shine through what we create. But we can learn and grow and choose what part/s of our selves we are letting shine. I'm just thinking, maybe an interesting question to ask myself when evaluating my art is, is this the me I want you to see? Or is this the truest self I can be?" Becky

"I already have a certain style and interpretation of my own, but I realise I can only bring this about for me when I feel sure about what I am doing. I am still finding out MY style and what I like." Barbara

" We are all unique and I'd like my art to reflect that, to show who I am and what I'm about!" Donna

"When I'm working 'traditional hands on' I'm concentrating on many things one at a time lol... sorry paradoxical but true - bet you do the same. Digitally however I'm zoned in. I'm concerned with composition/coherence/connections/contiguity. Digitally my question to myself is "SO what?" What does the work say to me and is it strong enough to speak to others? Many lovely 'bits' disappear from layers if the answer is 'no' even if those bits took hours of work. With traditional work I give myself more leeway, lots more leeway - why would I say "SO what?" when I'm working on portrait technique, or working through pages to find a new way to express an old thought? However, if I'm thinking of posting a work online (For sale that is), then yes, that question matters... or rather the answer does, once the piece is finished. Perhaps that is the only true thing that defines my style - does it have something to say? will it touch the viewer? Is there some kind of emotional content? " Rosy

I want people to recognize my work as mine, both now and in future works. I want people to see the evolution of my style as I evolve as an artist and human." Yvette

I would like to have my style evolve so that looking at one of my works is like talking to me. I want people to not just see my style, but see me, my values, my ideas, and hear my voice when they look at my art. Jesi

" I am not sure if one can ever be without a "style" , you walk and talk the way you do in a way that's you and nobody else. What I have always longed for is to express myself in an artistic way to reveal my inner world, but have always been afraid to. I am not looking for a style of someone else, but do enjoy art of others to admire or maybe even try out." Jody

"why might i seek a personal style in my art?... because it is a gift.i believe that when we show up, and are present to ourselves and our art,and when we give ourselves the time to make lots of art (no matter the subject or media) then our personal style will begin to reveal itself. therefore (in my opinion) the gift of a personal artistic style simply indicates that the artist is true to themselves and is committed to making their art. aspects i endeavour to honour in my art as i journey forward.

other thoughts... we each come to art from different experiences and perspectives which will most definitely influence our artistic expression and i will bet that not one of us worried about how our cursive writing would become uniquely our own yet i am sure that our handwriting is as distinct and unique as each one of us." Dawna

" I feel an artistic longing within, challenging me to develop my own style, and I have hardly painted over the last couple of months because of it - right now I feel like I am just rehashing other people's styles... after learning from a range of artists that teach 'their' style I feel like I am just creating clones of their work and on a level it feels a bit lacking. Why do I want my own style? Such a good question Milliande. It almost feels like a calling within, for me to create my own style." Karen

We are all unique individuals - you know the old saying - in all of the universe there is only one you.  I would like my art to reflect that uniqueness. I also want to be sure to just enjoy myself and not take any of this too seriously. When you are able to just relax all the 'good stuff' just happens.  Lois

"I want an artistic style in order to feel individualized...not one of the crowd. I want to have a signature look to my art that speaks of my desires and yearnings." Morgan

"At the moment I feel that I spread myself to thin. I love to try new stuff and there are so much to have fun with when it comes to arts and craft. But this comes with the cost of lack in focus; so searching for my artistic style might help me zoom in and dig deeper in a few chosen areas." Lian

" so that my Soul is involved with my art and not just my head." Denise

"I do have a style, I like it vibrant, I make it vibrant. I feel it more subtle, then I do that. When I am not inspired in the beginning, but I continue to work at it, I look, and think, let it rest for awhile, then I come back and "Voila" then it happens, as if by magic, my gut feeling talks to me and guides me in the direction of the moment, and it is then, and only then that I feel it is right, at least for me, for my liking, and hopefully to others as well. I decided that it only needs to make me feel it first and if it doesn't, then too bad, move on. Thanks for the opportunity to put it out there. " Rosana

"I would like to have something uniquely ME...something that carries through my work like a vein pumping life through it that only I can give." Shari

"I started painting when I was in 8th grade.  I had to be juried into art class and I learned very early that my work was special when my art teacher refused to return a pencil portrait I had done for class.  Since then I tried my hand at many things, all of which appealed to the public.  I created these art pieces for myself, but then I started mass producing items for the general public over a period of several years and lost myself in the process.  I am struggling to find my inner soul again.  I feel it and can express it, but seem to be holding back for fear of my art being rejected.  Never have I had this feeling before, but we never had social media either.  Now we have the whole world at our feet. One of my goals this year is to re-train myself to just let go.  To be carefree.  Today I paint!" Cynthia

" I believe we all HAVE our own style, but it may need some defining or refining, so to speak. I "do" a lot of different looking things, but some just don't feel right to me ... maybe that means it isn't my style ... I don't know " Jeni

" I want to gift a part of me to my friends and family. I love to see them smile. Hope my style finds me soon.  In the meantime, art my soul." Robin

Yes, Denise..that's it. Soul work.... Letting my soul's voice come through. Also I hope to get some focus by eliminating the "noise" that isn't song. Rhonda

"I want to develop a personal style so when some one looks at my work they can say "hey, Annie  did that!" It doesn't mean I have to be stuck to one specific media or a set of techniques, but that somehow my true style comes out in what I do". Annie

"I feel like I already have a certain feel that I like about my work. Why would I want to develop a stye? hmm I think for me it's about developing and defining a clear view about what is uniquely visually me... It's about being seen, more by and for myself than for any one else. I like to look at my work and feel when i look at it that I've nailed it, that it's a genuine expression of what I really feel at that particular time. To have a series of different works that I feel like that about and seeing an obvious connectedness between them would be very satisfying for me." Cath

"I like having a style that reflects me and is recognizable to others as work I've done. Several times this year people have commented to me, I'd know your paintings anywhere, I just love them. I thought wow, that makes me feel good"  Bev

"Because I am unique and divinely designed to express simply me....when people see/feel my art they should be able to experience the real me...my style, not someone elses....my unique "soul print" those that are intended to will resonate with me...like being in harmony...they will recognize me and my greater creator through my art....." Katie

"Style evolves.  Understanding your style gives you a direction.  Right now I'm learning my style.  I have yet to develop one, I'm still exploring.  Having a style is an accomplishment.  When others recognize your style, even more so " Kathy

"To me, I want my Art to be as unique as my fingerprints.To have people see a piece of my soul, when they look at my work." Joan

"While I evolve so does my artistic style and in this process you will always know its me " Tasha

"Having a style, or theme behind my work brings integrity, or mana as they say in NZ. With integrity work stands on it's own for it's own sake, and also adds something rather than diminishes, with or without explanation" Marianda

"To be able to express myself uniquely artistically, to create something that I can call my own, I would like my work to reach out and touch audiences, and to be recognized.  I would expect my artistic style to evolve as well as I learn and grow and am inspired in new or different ways. "MF

"Our Style sets us apart from others because it has the dust of our soul mingled in the paint we use or the fiber we weave or the clay we form. It is our unique gift to this world and only we can give it." Ellen

"to create, what I AM HERE for, not to replicate, what others have already done " Rita

"To be brave & unique." Alexandra

"I would like to find my style to allow me to get to know the artist inside. I think a certain freedom will come when I settle into that style and let the creativity flow free. Fingers crossed its not total rubbish! I love when I'm crocheting and a strand of my hair gets caught up with the wool, at least I know theres a piece of me in my work, I want my style to be just that." Sinead

"to me it means that I would be a focused artist" Laura

" I want to have my own artistic style because I don't want to be  a carbon copy of someone else style I want to be ORIGINAL and unique as I already am" Blue

"I want to develop a personal style so when some one looks at my work they can say "hey, Annie Bella did that!" It doesn't mean I have to be stuck to one specific media or a set of techniques, but that somehow y true style comes out in what I do." Annie

" I feel a NEED to create and feel frustrated when my work does not reflect the feelings/personal expressions that are trying to come out." Julie

"I think a personal artistic style is the vocabulary you  use to express your muse.  It takes time to develop a vocabulary you feel comfortable and fluent in.  It's like learning a language.  First you struggle and experiment ( a baby's goo's ga-ga's and burbles are vocal experiments on the way to language);  maybe you begin to dream in it (that's heavy pattern building).  When I lived in Montreal, I never became vocally fluent in the language, but I did surprise myself one day with the realization I was reading the posted grocery flyers quite comfortably -- in French!  With media and techniques you try out things till you find what enables your muse to sing.  But you never quit experimenting -- because the song can always be made better." Anne

I was really stuck on this question, because no one really sees my work, so why would it matter if it's recognizable? haha...  so I sat with the question for a few days and here's what I've come up with. I have this impression that when you are working in your own "true" style, the work will flow out in an effortless way.  I won't need so hard about what to do next.  My intuition will take over and lead me to the next step. I hope this is true because right now I spend more time thinking about what to do next, then actually making art! Kathy

"so I can/my inner artist can break thru & communicate with the canvas & paint - not sure if it is so much so important for me (is this fear) to communicate with the viewer or is that the point I'm missing - I paint & create for me!" Laura

"I have been developing my self artistically for a while now. I am branching off into water colors and I look at other artists' and feel the desire to create as they do copy them so to speak. I think that as you develop your artistic skill you feel more confident about your work and that when you know what your style is. My muse is nature and anything that is all loving." Mary

"To be an individually recognised artist. For people to instantly know it's my work but can still see the wonderful artists who have influenced me. " Giovanna

" Not confident enough to have an 'own style' - I am a big jumble of influences and 'wanna-be' thoughts - my journey I suppose - just need to keep going - go with it and let it develop...it's going to be a lot of fun. Doing it this way gives 'permission' to do just that.  Not doing this for outer recognition per se...more for getting rid of that inner voice I still have that keeps on wanting to critque what I do... must say it's getting quieter.." Mina

"Mina, I really connect with what you've said here. The reply to this thread that I was developing in my head was exactly as you've stated, "...a big jumble of influences and 'wanna-be' thoughts..." This too is my journey. I am captivated by so many different styles and mediums that it has been challenging for me to focus on developing my own style. I'm still so easily led. It must be part of the process and as I experiment more and try out new media and really, just do it, I think my own personal style will emerge. Right now, I'd call what I do 'Naive Canadian' " Carla

"I want my voice to be rediscovered within myself and to be heard by others. And respected for what it is - MY art." Barbara

"In order to be able to define the statement I wish my work to make. I know there are many other reasons to want to possess an artistic style but I feel this is the beginning place from which my style will evolve." Beth

"To express my deep feelings, a passion that my words cannot do alone. Visual communication is why I would like to have an artistic style of my own. " Carol

"I thought about this on a lot. I actually had avoided developing anyone thing that I would call a style. Then it occurred to me that I know many artist work without ever looking at a signature. This recognition almost always comes with a thought about where you would find their work, what materials are used, and even the subject matter and era in which is was produced. With those thoughts, I see that a style would point you at where to display your work, and how you might go about marketing and sharing your work. This would also allow you to focus your resources on those supplies that support your style rather than randomly picking up everything that suits your fancy at the moment. (which is a habit of mine.) I now have less room in the house, but more in the area of visual stimuli from outside the house. So focus may be a good thing, so developing a style has some appeal to me." Lynne

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