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Contemporary Artistic Design and Surface Pattern Collections for Milliande Ltd

WHATS's NEW 2015/2016

One of my new ventures is exploring the avenues of contemporary surface pattern design. I will be updating my blog and blogging about my process on instagram ... feel free to take a peek

Art takes many forms ....

For me .. There is a space for words, and talking, and poetry ... and then there is lots of exploratory room for Visual Art that carries no fixed interpretation but invites the viewer to breathe into it their own meaning

  • I paint emotion
  • I paint responses and reactions to the way I perceive the world
  • I paint my process in the search for authentic connection, to the Self, the Heart, the Soul, the All
  • I paint as the observer who is choosing to create
  • My Paintings often tell their stories , even to me, only after closer inspection. I rarely plan any design stages in advance letting the painting evolve into its own beingness as I create
  • I paint with brushes and fibre and fingers and found objects and printblocks and words
  • I enjoy the unlimited freedom of combining contemporary mixed media and printmaking techniques to create intuitive multilayered artworks

Milliande Demetriou BIO

Milliande Demetriou 

I am an artistic designer who enjoys exploring the visual nature of being .

Born in Eastern Germany I have has always been creative at heart but when discouraged at an early age pursued a science career in biology instead.

Today my art and design work is infused with interpretations of meeting points between science and art and the merging of the visible with the invisible.

I choose to peek closely at the small particles that make up existence and express my personally felt response in paint, pen and stitch. The female form,the beauty of motherhood, viewing a patterned world in linear fragments rather than wholes and the palpable narrative between all of these are central themes in my art and design collections.

I am married and we have a beautiful daughter who is homeschooled and thriving as a young artist herself. We share our time between the vibrant life of London and tranquil coastal inspiration in West Wales, where the mountains meet the sea.



Milliande Demetriou Contemporary Mixed Media Artist at www.millinade.com

Artistic Design and Surface Pattern Collections for Milliande Ltd

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