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"Take a Color Pencil and remember to Play outside the Lines"

Milliande Visionary Art Bus

~ I love adult coloring pages, sometime it is easy to forget just how much fun can be had with some coloring pencils and an image that appeals

~ Here I have drawn some Adult Coloring Pictures for you to enjoy, simply click on the colouring picture and a large image will open up in a seperate window ready for you to print

~ If you want to save the adult book coloring pages simply right click an coloring page image and save picture as ... give it a name and a location that uyou will remember and save onto your computer

~ Coloring can be quite a meditative practice for me

~ It releases me from the need to achieve a beautiful image but instead invites me to play with colors , to enter into the lines of someonelses art outlines therefore allowing for a beautiful flow of creative energy to release intself into my other artworks ...

I hope you them enjoy ....

.... Milliande

Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages Milliande Artist

Milliande Artist Supplies Tree Coloring Pages

Tree Coloring Pages
Friends Clipart
Tree Coloring Page sample coloring in trees

Tree Coloring Page
try printing these coloured trees out and adding them into your art journal pages as a starting point or visual design element
Tree Coloring Pages
funky Tree Clipart

Adult Coloring Book

Creative Writing Journaling Prompt
~ Have you ever tried sitting underneath such a colorful tree ? What does it make you feel like sitting underneath with a rainbow of colours overhead ? ...
~ Print out a rainbow tree and add it to your art journal page... then answer the question .... How do I feel sitting underneath the rainbow tree ....

Tree Coloring Pages
treelovers Clipart
Adult Coloring Book Pages Trees

Tree Coloring Pages
Adult Coloring Book Pages Trees
Tree Coloring Page
Tree Picture
Adult Book Coloring Page Trees
Tree Coloring Picture
Tree Graphic
Adult Book Coloring Page Trees

Sometimes just taking time out to doodle, to draw, to color in and outside of the lines releases ourselves from assumed responsibility to create perfect art .
~ Simple Coloring creates a playing field of joy ... absorption in a task that you simply cannot fail ... just to color and let yourself be immersed into an coloring picture image that calls to you is as soothing as any art therapy class

~ The beauty lies in the simplicity of the creativity exercise and the willingness to explore somebody elses lines by adding your own colorful interpretations ... have fun playing ....

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Adult Book Coloring Page Trees
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