How to Keep an Art Journal without Fear

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How to Keep an Art Journal without Fear

" Art from the Heart and Soul"

How to Keep an Art Journal without Fear

~ There are a lot of people who harbour issues of fear, of failure, of not
being good enough , of not beeing as good as... etc and it blocks them from
starting an art journal

~ I always say to my students ... " It is only a piece of paper " , nobody
needs to see it, nobody needs to judge it , feel free to burn it after you
are done !!

~ It is when we set out to create a stunning piece of art journal art ...that
the blockage sets in ... just like creating a piece of art on a canvas, a
song, an embroidery ..

~With art journaling -- it is about releasing all that fear into the piece of
paper, trust it to catch you, trust it to hold all that has been waiting to
come out whether that is a simple blue line because you are feeling blue ..
or an elaborate beeswaxed masterpiece that almost is too good to not display
on a wall

~My art journals are totaly haphazard.... beautiful pages, follow scribbles,
follow mad pourings of black ink when I had a challenging day... follow
quick notes of ideas and inspiration, follow a drawing intricate but only
covering a tiny corner of the page, follow elaborate circle art pieces with
the tiniest details...

Take a peek at one of my Art Journals -- page by page
How to Keep an Art Journal without Fear



~As for "messing up your journal" ... Idont think that is possible ... Art
can be messy, art can be neat , art can be anything in between.

~Art journaling for me is about releasing the need to "produce art",
releasing the need to at all judge what is pouring out onto the page but
instead finding that authentic connection to your heartspace and let it
express itself onto the pages of your journal.

~ It might work for you to have 2 journals , one with what I would call
"pretty showcase art " ..and one to let the raw you play and tumble about
unrestricted by your own perceptions of failure ...

~And I have yet to manage to complete an art journal ... I usually have at
least 4-5 journals at the same time, small ones, large ones, watercolor
ones, travel ones, ..... it is the paper that catches me, it is the
beautifully bound paper i trust to keep track of all that is going on in my
mind, it is the paper that is mine ...and mine alone ....

~Art journaling or indeed just a simple bound book , that I like the feel of
is a constant companion for me wherever I go ... It is my safety net when I
seem to drown with the intensity of all the incoming stimulation ... here I
can surrender to the page and let the visuals do the talking ...

~To let go of the fear is to trust yourself to be authentic ... this can only
be done in small steps ...taking one pencil line at a time ...

~simply start with one line.,..and take that line for a walk on the page...
you might be surprised ...

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Enjoy the process...

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