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Milliande Artist Date

Take Your SELF " Out to Art"

What is an Artist Date ?

~ I have been hearing a lot about people chasing their muse, feeling in a creative block , uneasy to start projects that seem out of reach and generally just looking for inspiration

~ I first noticed "Artist Dates" mentioned in Julia Camerons Book of the same name ... but a lot of people find it hard to motivate themselves to actually "DO IT " rather than just read about it, think it great and then let it wash down the stream of thoughts that enter the mind and exit just as fast

~ Taking time out for Art is often seen as a secondary priority and often ends up even further down the list of "Have to's

~ Another time there is soo much inspiration, so many possible arty avenues , so many started and never finished projects that it seems like navigating this maze turns into a struggle rather than fun

~ Making a commitment to nurture yourself can be a very liberating starting point on your personal journey to honor your creative self

~ Now Letha and I have been talking - and she mentioned that sometimes it takes a little push for people to get creative, an incentive , a challenge that helps break out of the daily rhythm of "Have to's" and embrace "ME TIME "
~ Taking the "Artist Date" idea a little further,
I would like to offer "Milliande Artist Dates " for Milliande Creativity Club Members


Milliande Artist Dates


What is a " Milliande Artist Date " ?


Guidlines for Participation in "Milliande Artist Dates"

A"Milliande Artist Date" is a Date with Your Arty SELF once a week

( A commitment of time once a week - regardless of knowing in advance the actual time available to you , commit to once a week. These Artist Dates will be tailored in such a way that 10 minutes will be enough, and extended ideas will be offered if you find yourself with a whole hour or a half day on your hands. Know that you are worth it- every minute spent on yourself will feed your Self, nurture your Soul and make you so much more wholeheartedly soulful to others in return)

A "Milliande Artist Date" is to be Solitary
( no companions allowed - no children, no spouse, no arty friends , no partners - no one but your beautiful Self)
~ when you spend time in the solitary pursuit of art, your true self has a chance to come out to play, not having to conform to another persons expectations, or rules, ort even silly little habit ... this is time to be you with your Self

A "Milliande Artist Date" will be guided by a Theme
( I will set a theme, opening an avenue for your own creative exploration)

A "Milliande Artist Date" Incentive

( Monthly each participant of the "Milliande Artist Dates" will be entered into a Draw to receive a "Milliande Art Print" from my artfire gallery store)

~ Proof of "Artist Date Attendance" is Required if you would like to enter the DRAW

BUT - You can happily partcipate in the "Milliande Artist Dates" without having to proof your attendance, simply play along as and when you feel inclined too -- however you will not be eligible to enter the DRAW to win a Milliande Artist Date Care Package -- that is reserved for people who are able to commit to share their efforts with our creative group of women

- you will be invited to upload a photo as proof of your Artist Date Commitment to Your Self into the Gallery at the Milliande Creativity Club

~I will make the "Milliande Artist Date" Button available for members, so that you can upload to your blogs, websites etc . This is helping you to make your commitment "official" . I find that when I openly and "out loud" commit I provide myself with an incentive to stick to it .. !!!

" Milliande Artist Date " Button

Milliande Artist Date Member at
~ simply right click the image, then upload to your hardrive ( remember the locationthat you uploaded the button too so you can find it again )

~ add to your blog and website as a sign of your commitment

~ link the picture to to encourage other woman to take the leap to play with us

~ Each Month new "Milliande Artist Dates" will be posted at the club and here at the website if there is enough response for people who wish to participate

~ There will be a new gallery for Each Artist Date Month created... add 4 proofs of "Milliande Artist Dates" per month and be entered in the monthly draw for a "Milliande Artist Date Care Package" send to your Arty Self by Milliande

~ Proof does not mean it has to be perfect( whatever that is anyway) , it does not have to be big, it does not have to be "impressive" , it is not going to be judged in any way whatsoever just has to be proof that you had a date with your "Arty Self "

How to Start Participating ?

~ First - take a peek at the Artist Date Challenges and see whether it suits your creative style

~ Second ~ If you are a creativity club member you are good to go . If not then you can take a peek here and join the "Milliande Creativity Club"...membership is complimentary for all creative women

~ Third : Print your very own "Out to Art " Doorhanger, embellish and proudly get ready to display ( take a photo of your embellished doorhanger and upload the Milliande Creativity CLub Gallery)

~ Fourth : Enjoy letting your creative Muse out to play ... once you "TWO" have played upload proof of your "Artist Date" to the Gallery for the specific month you are playing in ... then stand on tippytoes, spin around 3 times for Good Luck to Win ... ( this is a highly neccessary step) :-))))

I look forward to playing with you




Artist Dates and Artist Inspiration

The Act of Creating
Acting on the Inspiration to Create
Artist Dates

Making Love with Your Muse

The Act of Honoring your SELF
"Out to Art"



Milliande Guessing Games
~ Another Chance to Win playing Milliande Guessing Games Milliande Guessing Games

Artist Retreats and Playtime

Download your Free
"Milliande Artist Dates"

"Out to Art"
Doorhanger Template

Milliande Artist Date Out to Art Door Hanger Template Free Download

~Print Doorhanger onto Cardstock

~ Embellish and Personalize your "Out to Art" Doorhanger

~ PROOF to Play ...upload a photo of your personalized Doorhanger hanging on your Door to the the Milliande Creativity Club
" OUT TO ART Doorhanger Gallery


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