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"Creativity Help Guides - Take a Peek and Be inspired to Create"

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~ Here you will find Free Instructional Art Videos which offer a glimpse at lots of different art techniques and art experiments , sometimes looking at visuals can help to explain so much mre than just words in an art lesson

~ Art Education Classes Online are suitable for all aspiring artists and those who have done lots of art and are hoping to glimpse a fresh spark

~ Free Art Lessons with Videos explaining Art Techniques, journaling workshops and little creative snippets to enhance your creativity spark

~ If you are stuck in a creative block you might just find a little inspiration to try a different art technique or simply play with some of the fun art classes on offer here at Milliande Free Art Classes Online

~ All are free art classes online

~ I love honoring those artists that share of themselves so that others may learn

My favourite Creativity Quote

"My words are Valuable, My Experiences are Unique,
When others Share I learn ~ When I share Others Learn ~ Go Create !"

so you might even get inspired to share yourself so that your expertise might help another to learn a new art technique

...Milliande :-)

Milliande Free Art Classes Online
Milliande Free Online Art Classes
Mixed Media Workshops

Milliande Artist Supplies
Mixed Media Mermaid
How to do a Beeswax Collage

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
~ using mized media collage materials, acryclics, watercolors, semirecious beads and crystals as well as beeswax

How to Beeswax Collage Mixed Media Mermaid

Bookbinding Workshops
Learn Bookbinding Workshops

Milliande Artist Supplies

How to Make A Mini Book

Video Tutorial on How to Make a Mini Book Journal
~ Learn How to Bind A Book with simple Sewing stitch, Signature Pages, Decorative Hardback Cover, ~ Easy Bookbinding with Tasha

How to Bind a Book Mini Journal with Tasha


Milliande Artist Supplies

How to Bind a Book with Soft Leather Bound Cover

~Easy Bookbinding Video Tutorial with Rice Freeman Zachary
~Learn how to do Soft Leatherbound Bookbinding suitable for art journals, Easy Book Binding Stitch

How to Bind a Book with Rice Freeman Zachary


Milliande Artist Supplies

How to Bind a Book as Hardback Cover Journal

Learn Bookbinding a hardcover journal with Andrea
~ Easy Bookbinding Video Art Class for Beginner
~ Making Easy Hardcover Journal for Art Journal using simple techniques and easily obtainable materials

Free Online Art Class How to Bind a Bookwith Andrea


Flatbed Scanner Workshops

Scanner Art Class

Milliande Artist Supplies

Scanner Art Class Part 1

~ HOP OFF Beginner How to Art Video on No Camera Macrophotography Art, Learn ho to Create Scanner Magic Photography Art with Macros at Milliande

Free Online Art Class Scanner
Art Part 1


Milliande Artist Supplies
Scanner Magic Class Part 2

HOP OFF Art Video Scanner Magic, Free Art Lesson Video Macrophotography Art with Flatbed Scanner Magic, Free Online Art Classes with Milliande

Free Online Art Class
Scanner Art Part 2


Journaling Workshops
Art Journaling Workshops Milliande Artist Supplies

Journaling Workshops

~ Lots of Free Online Art Classes on Making Journal Pages in Art Journals

~ Creative Writing Workshops

~ How to Keep A Journal

Take a peek at all out Journaling Workshops at Milliande

Journaling Workshops at Milliande
Altered / Recycled Art Classes
Altered Fabric Art

Milliande Artist Supplies
How to Art Recyle Knitwear ~ Sewing Vintage Lace Handbag

~ recycled art , using a knitted sweater and sewing a vintage lace little smoochy bag

Art Recycle Knitwear - Sewing Vintage Lace Bag Workshop


Altered Tins

Milliande Artist Supplies
The Humble Tin

~ recycled Art, turning old food tins into funky art tins

~ how to apply collage elements, watercolor backgrounds and bring it all together

The Humble Tin Art Class


Art Doll Workshops
Primitive Folk Art Doll

Milliande Artist Supplies
How to Sew and Embellish a Primitive Folk Art Doll

~ using quilting fabric, semi precious beads, and wonderful lavender for stuffing

~ step by step video tutorial on making art doll faces with bakable clay and adding jewellery findings to make an fibre art doll pendant

Primitive Folk Art Doll Workshop

Mandala Art Workshops
Moment Mandalas Milliande Artist Supplies
Moment Mandalas

~ Capturing the Essence of a Moment in a Mandala

~ How to Connect with your Mandala after Creation

Moment Mandalas
Mandala Art with Household Objects

Milliande Artist Supplies
How to make Mandala Art with Household Objects

~ using common household objects make mandala art
~ great art project to do together with kids

Mandala Art with Household Objects

Creative Prompts
Milliande Free Art Classes Online
  Main Creativity Prompts Page

Photograph Prompts and Picture Prompts

Creative Destinations
Milliande Free Online Art Classes
Main Creativity Street
Visit Creativity Street
VAB Creativity Club

Visit VAB Creativity Club


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