Primitive Folk Art Doll Workshop

Primitive Folk Art Doll Workshop


"Take some Cloth, Beads and Art Doll Faces to Create Miniature Doll Art"

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~ I love Miniature Doll Art and here tried my hand at taking some cloths, semi-precious beads and jewellery findings , a handful of soothing lavender and art doll faces to create my version of a little fiber art doll

~ I put a link below so you can download and print the little miniature doll art pattern if you would like to try your own version of it

~ This fiber art doll can be sewn entirely by hand as well if you do not have access to a sewing machine

~ I decided to turn the little art doll into a pendant and added some jewellery findings , some beads and strong thread to be able to add it to a necklace ( I attached a crimp hook bead at the end )

~ Enjoy

...Milliande :-)

Workshop Primitive Folk Art Doll

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~ Art is such a personal thing and inspiration can be glimpsed in a myriad of ways

~ Here I share with you my personal journey of exploring art viewed through the eye of my soul

~ It may resonate with you and inspire you to try creating art for yourself

~ It may not

~ Either way is perfectly beautiful in its own way


Milliande Artist Supplies

Art Supplies used:

~ small piece of cotton turquoise quilting fabric
~ matching cotton thread
~ dried lavender for stuffing
~ sculpey or fimo bakeable clay ( for art doll faces)
~ art doll faces mold
~ oven, iron, scissors, needles, jewellery pliers etc
~ beads
~ jewellery findings
~ handyed embroidery thread ( for hair and surface embellishment)
~ fabric glue ( for gluing on clay art doll face)



Primitive Folk Art Doll Pattern

Complimentary Download :-)
~ Choose the size of the fibre art doll pattern you like and it will open in a new browser window ready for you to print

I used the small size of the art doll pattern in the video

here is a close up of the finished art doll, click to enlarge the view in a new browser window

primitive folk art doll pattern sewing

free primitive folk art doll pattern
small size
art doll pattern
medium size
miniature doll art pattern
large size
fibre art doll patterns

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