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Zendala Easter Eggs
printable easter egg templates and egg pattern to print

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Egg Decorating
Easter Eggs


according to Wikipedia
~ Ukranian Egg Painting

~ The tradition of egg decoration in Slavic cultures originated in pagan times

~ it was transformed by the process of religious syncretism into the Christian Easter egg.

~ Nevertheless, these decorated eggs have retained much of their pagan symbolism.

~ Many Slavic ethnic groups,decorate eggs for Easter

~The pattern is often applied to an egg by the process of wax-resist, similar to batik.

~ A stylus is used to apply hot wax to the shell of an egg, which is placed in a series of dye baths.

~ The wax seals the dye into the egg; the colors and pattern are revealed when the wax is removed (by melting it off) at the end.

Zendala Easter Eggs

Zendala Easter Egg Art Prompt

~Maya and I had fun on the beach drawing zendala patterns onto easter egg shape pebbles

~ If you have access to a beach you might be able to find some oval pebbles.. little pebble easter eggs that are suitable for painting

~ Alternatively many garden centers and building merchants offer pebbles for sale

~ Many stones can also be found on rambles and walks throught the countryside

zendala easter eggs

Maya and Milliande
painting Easter Egg Pebbles on the Beach

stone pebble zendala easter egg

The finished Easter Egg Pebble
goose easter egg zendala

A boiled Goose Egg being Zendala 'ed
easter egg zendala easter egg basket

Zendala Easter Egg Art Prompt

~ Draw your favourite zendala patterns to decorate an easter egg to hang or fill an easter basket

~ Easter Egg Shapes suitable for zendala ' ing

~ an easter egg shaped stone or pebble
~ a goose egg or hen egg
~ an egg template made printed onto paper or card

~ I have made some egg template shapes here for you to print
easter egg templates

~ my favourite pen for drawing zendalas or any other patterns on stone and egg and non absorbent surfaces are Indenti Pens

The come in a variety of colors, are lightfast and permanent and offer a fine detail tip as well as a broad outline marker tip

~ Upload and share your finished designs here to us to see :-) Zendoodle Easter Egg Gallery


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The Act of Honoring your SELF
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Egg Arts and Egg Crafts

~ Traditional Easter Egg Crafts can be found in many countries Folk Art customs

~ Why not try and Zentangle or Zendoodle and Easter Egg for a change

~ Zentangles are repetative pattern that can be used to fill in a shape -- if it is a circle shape it is often called a Zendala .. I wonder whehter this could be called Zendegg ..giggle

~ I have made some egg template shapes here for you to print
easter egg templates

.. milliande


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